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Russia will play with Italy in last companionable match before Euro - 2012

Tonight Russian national team will lead last companionable match before Euro - 2012. At stadium Lettsigrund in Zurich wards of Dika of the Lawyer will play with the team Italy.

Our football players are in Switzerland since Monday, and in this time had time to be trained some times in None. In the same place Russians have spent ordinary-looking sparring against Lithuania for which have received a solid portion of criticism. Besides that the national team has played 0:0 with the rival considerably conceding in a class so also has shown a minimum of intelligible actions. Sceptics have there and then started talking that with such game for Euro to catch it nothing us. Such conclusions to do, of course, early. After all the today`s match against quadruple world champions from Italy becomes much more indicative.

For Skuadry adzurry this sparring is important not less, than for our command. Especially if to consider that the previous companionable game Italy - Luxembourg has been cancelled at the last minute from - for the earthquakes, occurred in the north of the Apennines. Corrective amendments in preparation of a team of Chezare Prandelli has brought not only the nature, but also police. To Italy there is a new wave of struggle against contractual matches. The defender Petersburg " became one of figurants of business; Zenith Krishito which have called on interrogation. As a result he had to leave the team, and it should affect conditions in a national team as a whole.

it is curious that for all history Russian national team never conquered Italy. From four matches ours magicians of a ball have lost three, only once, on October, 29th 1997 - go, having extracted a drawn game on the home field. It, truth, has not helped the command: following the results of butt meetings for the right to go on the World championship - 98 Italians have appeared more strongly at the expense of victory on the home field in Naples.

Present game, certainly, will be not so fatal. And its result is more likely interesting to fans of sports statistics. Where it is more important to trainers, players, and fans to see, in what form there are football players, what a correction of mistakes it is necessary to spend to the command for the week which has remained to Euro - 2012.

Russian national team will spend in Zurich all some hours. After flight from Nona the command will play with Italy and at once will take off for Moscow. And on Sunday of our football players wait in Warsaw.

About what problems will be solved by Russian national team in today`s game, specially for the merited trainer of Russia Alexander Tarhanov has told.

Summarizing the previous match with Lithuania: ours really yet does not suffice physicists or at ordinary-looking game of Russians other reasons?

Alexander Tarhanov: Perhaps the spirit has not sufficed. All - taki, all wait for the European championship. I watch companionable matches of other participants of Euro: nobody gives all the best for hundred percent and does not show any outstanding game.

But with Italians of problems with a spirit should not be...

Alexander Tarhanov: Motivating at us it will be exact above.

That will tell about wards of Chezare Prandelli?

Alexander Tarhanov: something is difficult to tell about them, I Italians did not see for a long time. So, to steam of matches in a selection cycle. Seen it was pleasant to me.

In Italy corruption scandals again rattle. It will not prevent a national team?

Alexander Tarhanov: Remember that on CHM - 2006 Italians too played against scandal. Also became champions.

That wait from a today`s meeting?

Alexander Tarhanov: There is no saying. Much will depend on how Italians will play with us. From defence or will offer game on counter courses.

What purposes Russian national team should pursue in this match?

Alexander Tarhanov: It already preparation directly to the first game. Though Italians - Czechs, let us assume, constantly in defence they play will. Therefore preparation will be not so much tactical, how much functional.

Till now it is not clear, who in a match from Czech Republic national team will appear in our collars...

Alexander Tarhanov: Akinfeev should stand. On a manner of game it imposes me more. And then Igor is more reliable in respect of psychology, but it is my opinion. The match with Czechs will be the first, so, very nervous. I do not know, leah Malafeev will consult, though Glory too the good and skilled goalkeeper.

Where we will look

on July, 1st, Friday, Russia 1

22. 45 Russia - Italy - a direct transmission.