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In Austria the festival of the Russian cinema

Display   has opened; a comedy melodrama Two days Avdotya Smirnovoj`s director in Vienna the festival of the Russian cinema which will last till June, 6th on May, 31st has opened. To attention of spectators also will be offered a comedy My mad family Renata Davletjarova, a sports comedy Man`s female game Marias Mahanko, military   a drama Link of times Alexey Kolmogorov, a comedy Suicides Egor Baranova, and also a melodrama Over a city Julia Mazurovoj. About preparation for a film forum and its high lights to the correspondent has told the general director of a movie company Rossfilm Tatyana Voronetsky:

We hold festival in Vienna in the third time. An important question for the Russian cinema is integration into the general European cinema process. We work over advancement of our pictures, we popularise them in such form.   Here a chamber, small cinema. Earlier we offered more intellectual programs. And have now decided to take tapes of an author`s direction. In this   time has brought many comedies. We want to position the Russian cinema not only as intellectual which occupies a certain ambry at the international festivals, but also as having the genre moments.   it is important for hire. The Austrians show interest   to our cinema. In process of development of relations of people comes more and more. Last year there was a lot of an Austrian youth. She conceived an event on the screen, as well as our audience.   it is very valuable. From such small streamlets the river of mutual relations pours out. We expect, first of all, display of spectator interest to our tapes. Week of cinema in Austria is spent by a movie company Rossfilm with assistance of the ministry of culture of Russia.  

Despite the intense schedule of our delegation the correspondent before film presentation managed to talk shortly to the favourite of millions Russian cinema-goers, the national actress of Russia Larissa Udovichenko:

: you were born in Vienna, a leah often happen here?

Larissa Udovichenko : Despite perfect traditions of this city, I have arrived here for the first time. As - that ways did not result me though repeatedly gathered. Put suitcases, planned. Here, at last - that, was possible. There was absolutely casually a free time for a trip to Vienna. I will represent at festival a picture My mad family in which acted in film.  

RG : Than, in your opinion, the choice of festival films is called?

to Choose films for viewing is   a problem of organizers. It seems to me, important to show to the Austrian spectators, what genres of cinema at us are.  

RG : Over what you now work?

Udovichenko : I have finished shootings in a film under the name the Parkway ring . It is a television film, not a serial which assumes a certain race. New interesting work with the Ukrainian director Oksana Bajra at whom I acted in film earlier is necessary also. She writes for me female stories, melodramas. Has not started yet this picture, add more I can than nothing. I all - taki superstitious. Many projects did not come to the end, stopped. So, let`s wait.  

RG : How you manage to keep the good shape?

Udovichenko : Without effort occurs nothing. Therefore I behave in hands, I am engaged in fitness, I watch a food, I try to have a rest. I use Spa procedures. I cannot tell that it is big a victim. The main thing to be involved.