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Every fourth Russian teenager smokes

Every fourth teenager at the age of 12 - 15 years in Russia smoke. And all this misfortune suffer affliction 44 million Russians - practically third of population, and it is the highest indicator in the world.

the Data was resulted by the representative of World Health Organization Oleg Storozhenko on a press - the conference dated at once to two feasts - to the World day without tobacco and to the International day of protection of children. Consequences from such scales of smoking pitiable, are confirmed by experts. In - the first, from - for the illnesses called by smoking, annually perish 400 thousand Russians. for comparison: in the USA of smoking annually dies 315 thousand persons at the population of the country more than 300 million. In our country live 141 million person - the chairman of the board of the International confederation of societies of consumers Dmitry Yanin speaks. In - the second, from thousand smoking pregnant women 25 give rise to dead children - and it is a bad indicator. In - the third if the woman smokes being the pregnant woman and at feeding by a chest, its child is subject to many diseases, he is born nikotinozavisimym, at it many pathologies, including congenital oncology are possible. He will be ill often sharp respiratory diseases.

It is proved, the hour spent by the child in the smoked premise, equals on force of influence to 10 smoked cigarettes - the expert adds.

the Market of Russia is supervised by four transnational tobacco companies forced out from other countries and having a strong lobby in our country, the member of Public chamber Sergey Markov continues a subject. Their income exceeds 600 billion roubles. And even antitobacco campaigns which they spend, actually are aimed at increase in number of consumers of tobacco as they urge teenagers to refuse smoking as it is destiny of adults. And it is known that children always want to mature more likely, and similar theses do smoking for them more attractive - he has told.

the Main reasons of mass smoking in Russia are the lowest prices for cigarettes (the average price - 24 roubles for a pack - one of the lowest in the world, here with us are solidary only Kazakhstan and Belarus, experts confirm). And in - the second - weak legislative base. And in this sense experts lay hopes on the antitobacco law developed minzdravsotsrazvitija. Recently it has been brought in the government, but it have returned on technical completion. good, and it it is necessary to accept the law in that kind, in which it now - Dmitry Yanin considers. In it the interdiction for smoking in public places and buildings, including - in cafe and restaurants, in particular, is provided; will lock to expose cigarettes in trading floors on a universal review, an interdiction to the tobacco companies to act as sponsors of cultural and sports actions. all conversations that similar measures and rise in prices for tobacco will lead to national rebellions, - a bluff. In one country of the world where more rigid rules would be entered also, they were not - Sergey Markov confirms.