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The longevity secret is searched in Kareliya

by the Doctor of medical sciences, the professor of the Petrozavodsk state university, zavkafedroj pharmacology Irina Vinogradova studies many years ageing problems.

the Main thing, in its opinion to live on internal clocks. As the conductor here acts epifiz - small shishkovidnoe a body in a brain. Importance of this gland for an organism have opened only about fifty years ago. Before epifiz considered as an unnecessary shoot.

- Basic functions epifiza - regulation of daily and seasonal rhythms of an organism, antioksidantnaja and antineoplastic protection, an ageing sundial - Irina Vinogradova speaks. - If epifiz it is possible to assimilate to internal clocks, melatonin, the basic hormone epifiza - a pendulum which provides a course hours .

Melatonin is developed in an organism only when we sleep: where - that about 2 hours its norm - 30 microgram a day. But the wrong rhythm of life can prevent melatonin development. It both night shifts, and light pollution, and transflights, and the white nights . All it, according to supervision, the reason of the accelerated ageing. To check up the assumptions Irina Anatolevna has solved on rats. They live on the average two and a half a year, therefore it is possible to observe, how all these moments influence their physiological age, on development of illnesses.

All one thousand rats participated in experiment. Them have divided into four groups. One lived at standard illumination: 12 hours - day, 12 hours - night. Others - at natural, with at the white nights in the summer and dark days in the winter. The third - at constant illumination, and the fourth - in a thick darkness. To first three groups in addition entered a synthetic substitute of melatonin or melatonin. What constantly sat in the dark, it did not give.

Rats constantly took, weighed. At them checked body temperature, reproductive function, took analyses and did roentgenograms. Researches of the rats who have died of an old age in all four groups have been made. Also it was found out that at those animals who lived in a thick darkness, the smallest quantity of diseases on one individual. Indications at rats with standard conditions are hardly worse. And here what lived at natural illumination, have picked up by an old age at once some diseases.

That is researches have shown: the best conditions for development of melatonin and normal work epifiza - a constant night-time. But after all for a live organism it is necessary and serotonin - a pleasure hormone. And it is developed only in the afternoon. Therefore the rats living only in the dark, have been subject to depression.

And all the rest is clear: it is necessary to observe a day regimen, to go to bed till midnight, before going to bed not to take alcohol, not to smoke, drink vitamins 3 and 6, calcium, magnesium. And the most important thing - a dream in a thick darkness. Even rising at night to the small child, it is not necessary to turn on the light.