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In Public chamber have discussed liberalisation of political system

Yesterday in Public chamber has passed discussion of liberalisation of political system, and opinions of participants were divided in very interesting image: the part of experts considers that it is premature and too radical, the part considers as its half measure or on a broader scale imitation.

the Member of the Central Electoral Commission Boris Ebzeev has declared that the explosive increase in quantity of political parties will affect formation of efficient parliament . In its opinion, once having headed for management of process of formation of multi-party system, the power should not refuse it any more. if those who made the decision, were guided by a natural, historical principle of formation of multi-party system, it is possible to explain this decision. But I am not assured that we have two centuries to move in this direction a natural way - Ebzeev is convinced.

Introduction of selectivity of governors, in its opinion, also is a little premature. it is not assured that we have for this purpose blossomed, - the member of the Central Electoral Committee is convinced. - I am afraid that people who privatised created by work of many generations 15 years ago, yet not steels morganami and rokfellerami in third generation. At me a question: how to guarantee a society of what the people privatising the general property, privatise also the political power?

the Representative of communists Darya Mitin has expressed the opposite point of view: We, as the Left front were participants of working group at the president on development of amendments in the legislation. And the Left front considers reform by imitating step. We have submitted the package of amendments, more than two tens, as a result have turned out so that those amendments which were included into the total document, do not play a role .

In opinion Mitinoj, any law in itself cannot overcome an arbitrariness of officials. As an example it has resulted a private experience - the Left front six times it tried to be registered as party, and each time there were claims to the charter. after the third refusal as cheerful experiment we have copied the charter an United Russia having changed the party name on the Left front also have received some sheets of remarks - has informed Mitin.

In its opinion that it was possible to name reform liberal, it is necessary to resolve blocking and to enter the mixed electoral system on elections to Duma. municipal filters in its opinion, in any way do not correlate with national support, and the best acknowledgement to they be elections in France where such system already works: Marinas le Foams with great difficulty could type the necessary quantity of signatures in the support, but as a result has taken the third place.

the Representative an United Russia Alexander Shepilov on a broader scale abstracted from political reform - in its opinion, through 5 - 6 years we will have technological possibilities to vote on the Internet. As an example it has resulted Estonia where remote will works some years. it will remove many questions, - Shepilov is convinced. - Election committees will not be. There will be no majority of infringements of the selective legislation .

it is necessary to notice that representatives of essentially new political trends either did not act on a broader scale, or were limited to short notes. Olga Bashmachnikova declared as chairman VPP Country party of Russia has informed that will simply sit and will listen. Galina Havraeva who has spoken on behalf of the persons of party For women of Russia Was a little more verbose. we are not engaged, for us there is no oligarch, at us is not present adminresursa! - she has informed. ... And the future at you too is not present - someone from the future competitors of the woman - a policy has maliciously added.

Materials from session of an expert platform will be sent in the Central Electoral Commission, the State Duma, the government and Presidential Administration.