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The guide - park: on June, 7th starts the prime minister of a cartoon film Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3 since June, 7th

the long-awaited summer Has come, and it is a high time will go to Madagascar, either to Africa, or in Monte - Karlo, or to New York. In general, there, where we will be got already in the third time by heroes of a cartoon film Madagascar : a lion Alex, begemotiha Gloria, a giraffe of Melman and a zebra of Marti.

the Second part has ended on the most interesting moment when penguins by means of monkeys have designed the plane and prepared for flight.

In front of America penguins have decided to glance in a casino of Monte - Karlo and to inflate its owners and visitors. But they are exposed by Alex, Gloria, Melman and Marti. And here they are already ready to fly to the favourite New York, but not here - that was...

In a cartoon film now the new heroine captain Shantel Dubo from vetkontrolja. This young woman conducts hunting behind heads, to be exact, behind a head of a lion of Alex. It half a police dog but when picks up an animal trail, is similar to a spider. She has inherited something from Kruelly De Vil known neljubitelnitsy of dalmatians. And still Dubo likes to sing songs of Edit Piaf. And from this heart-breaking singing at its colleagues plaster into smithereens scatters. This iron harmful lady does not stop before what, including walls which it easily breaks through. Here - that adventures and pursuits where the main thing - not to slip on a banana peel also begin. By the way, the cartoon film goes in 3D, and it here quite justifies itself. Spectators amicably evade from the subjects flying to heroes, and are ready to pick up Melmana unsteady on a rope.

the Plane made by monkeys and operated penguins, is wrecked also the further way to America and runaway from Dubo will pass in a train together with circus animals. Alex`s company, having resorted to a deceit, will take hold of trust slightly pridurkovatogo the Italian fur seal, Vitaly`s Russian tiger who from failures has sat down on a borsch, and a charming panther. They will confront together with the hunter behind a head of a lion.

In vagrant circus there is rather strange she-bear the Sleepyhead from whom it would be desirable to cry. It looks as the fighter sumo, only in a pink skirt. And by sight droplets it is not charming, but in places it is touching, cannot live without a bicycle with which leaves on arena. For one of heroes it on a broader scale the model.

not seldom continuations concede to the first part. But not in a case with Madagascar 3 . An animated cartoon dynamical, only also have time to watch pursuits, flights and circus tricks. And meanwhile to laugh at good jokes and to hop under active music. Beasts have returned to the favourite zoo, and, apparently, it is a final part of Madagascar history. But they also have understood that travel - the best that with them happened. Therefore Alex, Gloria`s history, Melmana and Marti can quite proceed.

Roles in the Russian version of a cartoon film have sounded: Konstantin Habensky, Alexander Tsekalo, Masha Malinovsky and Oscar Kuchera.