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Citizens can put the parent capital on the deposit

At citizens can appear more rights at use of the parent capital. It suggest to allow to bring on the bank contribution and to draw from this sum interest.

Such bill is planned to consider in the State Duma next week.

this year the size matkapitala which is necessary at a birth of the second child, makes 387,6 thousand roubles. And theoretically families can get not such a small rise to the budget. If the rate under the deposit makes about 10 percent, for a year will run almost 40 thousand roubles. This money will suffice on purchase of very decent computer, the washing machine, the refrigerator. Or on a trip all family to the sea.

While such possibilities are not present. Under the law matkapital it is possible to spend only for improvement of living conditions, education of the child or formation of a memory part of pension for mother. And on hands money does not stand out is a certificate, from which means is listed for the needs specified in the law. Authors of the initiative consider restrictions unfair. Not each family needs improvement of living conditions or in payment of education of the child, and not each woman will decide to use it on formation of a memory part of pension, they write in the explanatory note. But parents have daily cares which demand additional expenses. Reception of percent on the parent capital would help them to solve these problems partially. To secure such contributions, it is offered to grant to banks special licences.

All contributions to 700 thousand roubles are insured by the state, the first executive vice-president of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen Alexander Murychev is quiet for safety of money. For reliability and reduction dense forest it is brave it is possible to develop special criteria on the right of work with matkapitalom. To give to its banks with volume of the capital not less than billion roubles possessing high ratings, having good history, Murychev offers. Similar rules operate at selection of banks on the right to work with budgetary funds, he specifies. Delivery of special licences can and not be necessary. Which percent to charge under the contribution, for what term to open deposits, it is possible to provide in contracts of the credit organisation with the client, he considers.

Matkapital it is necessary, that families could solve serious strategic problems. And in the bill of restrictions on use of percent is not present. Most likely, this money will simply to be eaten - minds zavkafedroj socially - economic systems and sotspolitiki NIU the economy Higher school Natalia Tikhonov. If percent constantly act in film, matkapital will depreciate from - for inflations, she warns. At the same time to think over possibilities for expansion of scopes of application matkapitala it is necessary - is to allow sense to spend it for summer residence purchase, payment for children in private kindergartens, notices Tikhonov. Matkapital are obligations of the state, and it is not clear, how them to place on the deposit who will be its owner, some experts mark. But, according to the Doctor of Economics and eks - the deputy of the State Duma of Paul Medvedev, it is necessary to remove restrictions on use matkapitala. Roguish schemes on cashing in of money Now prosper, and parents at the best receive half of sum, he speaks. But citizens go on it not from good life. Often money is necessary on treatment of children, purchase of products. Head of the Pension fund Anton Drozdov also spoke recently about idea to grant people right partially to receive matkapital cash.

the figure

387 thousand roubles makes the size of the parent capital this year