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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers Michael Makfola`s nonprofessionalism dangerous

Diplomatijam it was not trained - probably so Michael Makfol the ambassador of the USA in Moscow could react to criticism from the Russian foreign policy department.

made head of the American diplomatic mission of statements had appeared so scandalous that Ministry of Foreign Affairs constrained enough concerning foreign colleagues has reacted, from its part, far not in diplomatic expressions. Performance of Makfola before students at the economy Higher school became the scandal reason. In the speech he, in particular, has accused Moscow of payoff of the Kirghiz management, ostensibly to throw out Americans from air base Manas . Also has told about how, in its opinion, Russia uses a policy coordinations at discussion of sharp international subjects.

Basically, be Makfol the journalist, such konspirologija would remain only on its conscience. However, with public charges to Moscow the American ambassador has acted. Subsequently Makfol has explained that anybody of the performance did not accuse and, on the contrary, aspired to show positive dynamics in Russian - the American relations. probably, I did not need to speak so colourfully and rectilinearly. With it I agree and I will try to speak henceforth more diplomatically - has written in Tvittere the ambassador. The similar comment is completely not similar to an official apology. He visually confirms what has declared the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Statements of the ambassador of the USA leave far for a side of diplomatic etiquette, represent deliberate distortion of the facts also look nonprofessional. The diplomat who promises to behave in the future more diplomatically - that can be nelepee?

Nobody denies the rights of Makfola as the political scientist, the expert, to express the opinion on the Russian foreign policy. However to give out nothing the supported conjectures for the real facts always was considered a bad form even for journalists. Especially it looks inadmissible for the ambassador of the USA. When head of the American diplomatic mission does not understand that its so-called frank statements not buttressed up by facts offend other country it causes a serious loss to all to tracks Russian - the American relations.

Extraordinary attack to the ambassador from the Russian foreign policy department about which write the American mass-media, no more, than attempt of Russia to explain Makfolu etiquette elements. Nobody demands from the ambassador of the USA that its point of view on the international problems coincided with a position of official Moscow. However in diplomacy, as well as in the medicine, one of key still have a principle do not do much harm . And if Makfol the actions obviously does not contribute in mutual understanding between our countries hardly it is possible to name it professional behaviour.

Clumsy assistance was rendered by Makfolu the representative of State department Victoria Nuland. Instead of making to too talkative ambassador strict suggestion on an office line, she has advised to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get used to frankness of Makfola . Such reaction of the American foreign policy department has revolted Moscow. As has declared RIA Novosti news agency on the condition of anonymity a source in the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Makfol, seemingly, is proud of that only has started to comprehend diplomacy elements. However in Moscow consider nonprofessionalism of the ambassador dangerous .

Dejstvija Makfola in Russia can be compared to behaviour of the person which together with peasants has gone in the field to mow. But only on ignorance instead of a plait took with itself a draught and now tries to cut with its help a grass. To such mount - kosar poses threat not only for associates, but also for itself. And if the Russian foreign policy department frankly warns Washington that the further activity of Makfola owing to its nonprofessionalism brings more harm, than advantage Russian - to the American relations, Probably white house should listen to this opinion.