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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Events in the Abuse have shown, in what can result the help to insurgents

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has declared that the events which have occurred on May, 25th in the Syrian city to the Abuse when civilians were lost, including children, have shown, in what support of insurgents can result.

To   tragedies the financial help and illicit deliveries of arms to insurgents have resulted, advances with any extremists, the official representative has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Lukashevich. He has noticed that incident became a detonator of a sharp aggravation of a situation in Syria and round it.

results of the investigation made by the Syrian authorities which have been announced on May, 31st this year, bear that the crime was well planned action of insurgents for the purpose of failure of efforts on political settlement of the Syrian crisis, situation leading in Syria to a new coil of bloody violence... Executors and customers of this barbarous crime should incur the most severe punishment - quote RIA comment   News.

Russia already repeatedly paid attention to the real reasons disturbing implementatsii of the plan of Annan in Syria, Lukashevich has underlined.

It, first of all, unavailability of some leading international and regional players to operate on the Syrian direction according to logic of peaceful settlement. The preference as we see, on - former is given to own agenda which major point there is a change of a ruling mode in Damascus. The tragedy in the Abuse has shown, in what the financial help and deliveries by an illicit way of modern kinds of arms to insurgents, recruitment of foreign mercenaries and advances with any extremists " can result; - it is told in the statement.

Following the results of special session Advice on United Nations human rights (SPCH) has charged to the international independent commission on Syria to make on June, 1st investigation of events in the Syrian village. The draught resolution have supported 41 of 47 member countries SPCH. Against Russia, China and Cuba were voiced, the others have refrained.

According to the document, Advice urges to expand the mandate of the international independent commission of the United Nations on investigation of events in Syria and charges to it urgently to make all-round, independent and unbiassed special investigation of events in the Abuse, to establish guilty of perfect evil deeds and to make them answerable .

According to the Russian side, the accepted resolution represents the unilateral, biassed document Beyond mandate SPCH in this connection it will minister to conditions destabilization in Syria and region as the fault for all infringements in Syria is obviously assigned to the country government.