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Albert Pomortsev: Hockey players will punish for demarches

Vladimir Janko`s Command of all on one point has outstripped krasnogorsky Sharp-sighted . Bronze has got Kemerovo to Kuzbas . The correspondent has met the head of Federation of bandy of Russia Albert Pomortsevym.

| Albert Ivanovich how you estimate the come to the end superiority of the country which was for the first time in recent years spent not on system plej - off?

Albert Pomortsev | I Consider, the championship has passed at good level. In this season we have not broken any match and have not transferred, though it proceeded very long: eight months, since August till the end of March. Such long season in the history of our kind never was. In many respects it svjazanno that there are all new and new skating rinks with artificial ice.

to Take, for example, Khabarovsk. It though now can be brought in the Guinness Book of Records because never earlier in this city after March, 15th games of the championship of Russia were spent. And this year last match has passed in capital of the Far East 25 - go. Have wanted - have spent!

But there were also unpleasant moments. They are connected with leaving of players from a match. On executive committee FHMR this theme we will discuss and accept once again the strict measures of punishment to those who will make similar demarches. We will punish very seriously clubs, up to their removal from the championship. When on tribunes twenty five - thirty thousand fans, and you start to be capricious, it is awful.

RG | As, in your opinion, has passed draw of the Cup of Russia?

Pomortsev | Its draw has begun on fifth of August. Never so early our commands did not begin a season. Earlier the Russian clubs in August only started trainings. And this time we have forced commands to leave in the summer on official matches.

to Change system of carrying out of the Cup of Russia, I think, there is no sense, it completely justifies herself.

RG | your estimation to performances of a national team and the Russian clubs on international scene.

Pomortsev | It has turned out so that in this season our national team and clubs have won everything what only probably to win. We have won on all international tournaments and have collected a considerable quantity of trophies. It is all has affected and successes of a national team. I consider that in Kemerovo where took place the world championship, our children led by head coach Sergey Lomanovym have acted very well. Yes differently also could not be. They saw, how many has been made by organizers of the championship, at what high level it has been prepared and spent.

RG | Albert Ivanovich, and whether there were in a season unpleasant moments?

Pomortsev | Continues to limp at us internal discipline. On council of presidents of clubs and on executive committee FHMR which will pass in April, we will speak about it. In our sport never was such conflicts which two have begun - three years ago. I think, it svjazanno that we began to live more richly. When were poorer, to divide to us there was nothing. And now the situation has changed. At us not so good mutual relations among representatives of club presidential structure. It is inadmissible!

the Second moment which strongly disturbs me: there was fashionable an attack - from players during matches - on arbitrators. About it we will take too measures.

And the third moment, heavy for us and numerous fans. It practically total absence of Russian hockey on screens of the Central television. I can not present to itself when at last this problem will be solved.