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Explosion on Ulyanovsk could occur from - for deliberate blockings of system of protection

the expert of mine or the company " could make system Switching-off; JUzhkuzbassugol having access to management of system. The definitive verdict of the state commission while is not present.

the Forced project

As to the project Ulyanovsk them was three. However it was clear to scientists at once that it will be a question of building sverhkategorijnoj mines. The basic mark of local coal speaks about it - " for itself; GZH - gas fat, instead of it is simple . On Ulyanovsk rather safely it was possible to work on depths from 50 to 150 metres from a terrestrial surface. But on depth over 200 metres where already there are no processes natural demetanizatsii where all gas remains in that kind in which it was put by the nature, there layer gas evolution reached 12 - 18 cubes of methane on coal ton. At such indicators on Ulyanovsk where now also there were works, Americans would forbid to work. In the USA the legislation at which the admissible limit of allocation of methane makes 9 cubic metre on coal ton operates.

the First design workings out of this mine have appeared at institute Sibgiproshaht still in 70 - e years of the last century when for the first time have started talking about development of a powerful Erunakovsky deposit. Then it was planned that new Ulyanovsk the mine - the giant will give 6 million tons of coal a year. The design documentation bore in itself lines of traditional mine with otkatochnymi horizons, vertical trunks. Opening of a mine field was offered by inclined and vertical trunks.

But this project has not passed in such kind because he demanded presence of all infrastructure which was not. On an infrastructure of money then at the state was not.

New tehniko - an economic justification of investments on the future mine Ulyanovsk by request JUzhkuzbassuglja has started to develop Institute of coal and uglehimii the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science in 1995 in the name of Dr.Sci.Tech. Vladlena Jalevsky.

During the same time Rosugol accepts the concept of development of modular mines - sites, mines - layers. Jalevsky has chosen for Ulyanovsk such variant of the project. He suggested to create it as modular mine - a site with unilateral opening of a layer. In this project it has collected all the best that at that point in time was in world practice of conducting mountain works. Vladlen Danilovich has visited 38 countries of the world, practically everywhere where there are collieries, and here it has enclosed such concentration of engineering world thought in the project Ulyanovsk . Jalevsky at once put possibilities of work of the most highly effective mining technics, projected for it underground prospectuses that both to people, and technics there was spacious to work, that it was easy to ventilate mine and etc. At it one clearing face on which all other services should work has been put. Jalevsky, we will underline, meant unilateral opening and categorically was against bilaterial opening of a field. There was also such essential moment: the project Jalevsky put considerable reduction of technogenic influence by environment at the expense of reduction in 3 - 5 times of withdrawal of the earths in comparison with traditional decisions. Capacity of mine at it was too flexible - depending on market condition - from 1 to 4 million tons of coal a year at daily extraction 5 - 10 thousand tons of coal. Number of the personnel - 200 - 250 persons. But has not developed. Vladlen Danilovich has outstripped the time. Become outdated, but still effective standards and rules of conducting mountain works did not allow to build mine on world technologies.

Further, when JUzhkuzbassugol has received from Institute of coal of the FEASIBILITY REPORT of the investment to obtain the bank credit, the customer has transferred designing Ulyanovsk to the Kemerovo institute Kuzbassgiproshaht . New designers have made all - taki bilaterial opening of a mine field. So, Ulyanovsk have constructed under the old scheme. And instead of one the prospectus cut much lanes that is short coal columns.

Therefore there were problems with a turn dobychnogo a complex. Here again there are mountain troubles: if the face goes in one direction, all geomechanical conditions including mountain pressure, promotes work of a clearing face. But when the complex is developed in the opposite direction, all these conditions work just what isn`t needed. A straight line and reverse motion create a discord. In one case we win, but we lose more than we win. Because from the point of view of mountain pressure it should be used, instead of to struggle with it. It is impossible to suppose, that it worked against you. These are known gornjatskie rules. On the other hand - at each turn the complex loses 30 percent of the technological resource. That is three turns - and a complex already are not present.

And all - taki methane has blown up...

Miners bitterly joke today: Uljanu have raped, here she and has revenged . Also ask a question: why us assure that Ulyanovsk most - presamaja the best mine?

Because in it the best has been established in the world system of gas protection? And who has told, what it the best?

Failures on mines of a steel at us events habitual and expected. But here that the best the mine has carried away at once 110 lives of miners in the presence of import protection, too ostensibly the most reliable, it is a nonsense. And all it thus that in Kemerovo here already 16 - j year lies not claimed unique working out of scientists of Institute of coal and uglehimii the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science on creation of the automated forecast of sudden emissions of coal and methane. Such system is not present in one country of the world. We have a basis of this method. And proprietors of the companies well know about it.

Still two years ago our scientists warned that purchase of English systems of gas control will not solve the main problems of safety.

Here a fragment from interview to a Dr.Sci.Tech., the laboratory chief gazodinamiki coal deposits of Institute of coal and uglehimii the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science Gennady Polevshchikovym, published in regional press in June, 2005:

- At us in Kuzbas mines even the first category where, apparently, it is not enough methane have started to blow up. Anything there it would not be, if former labour productivity - one thousand tons a day remained. And now they a day cut to 5 - 6 thousand tons. Preparatory complexes cannot catch up with them even.

Therefore, in my opinion, all these failures are quite natural. For me as the scientist here is not present any revelations. Thus at me the uttermost trust to qualification of engineers and workers meaning that they were ready to perceive these new features of new physical processes. The new technique of work was necessary to them only at the big loadings on a face and at the big speeds of movement of a face. And we can give them, but to us address very seldom.

- still the modern equipment in a face, watching concentration of gas Also is for certain necessary?

- you know, in this respect at me a separate opinion. In my opinion, for example, there is no prospect of purchase of monitoring systems of methane at the western firms, especially English. Because to see a consequence of these processes in advance, it is necessary to train, give the computer to it the corresponding program that he warned the engineer about danger, instead of established the fact of its occurrence, when already late. But access to the computer is for this purpose necessary, and foreign firms close this admission. On those mines where have tried this foreign equipment, of it already get rid, pass on our, domestic.... Only demand at proprietors on our workings out is not present.

- At the same time a management JUzhkuzbassuglja declared mass purchase of new foreign systems...

- And what we can buy decent in England where mines where all perfection of technologies of extraction are stopped many years for a long time are already closed?

... Nevertheless one and a half years ago to Polevshchikovu there came a certain representative JUzhkuzbassuglja also tried to receive at it the software which they wanted to transfer to the English partners. Conversation occurs at level of private persons, as on a market though it is a question of unique working out - the intellectual property of the academic institute protected by the patent and having excellent responses as experts were Rosugol And scientific community. polevshchikov explains to the messenger that introduction of its working out on concrete mine demands participation of a science and certain expenses. Having learnt that for brains it is necessary, it appears to pay, the proprietor stops negotiations with institute.

And here now try to answer a question: why JUzhkuzbassuglju it is easier to spend 700 million roubles for explosion consequences on Ulyanovsk than to pay 7 - on start of pilot system of the automated forecast of emergencies?

our coal branch, unfortunately, at all was left by concepts scientifically - technical progress the science and practice union . Our science is capable to protect today and life of miners, and competently to satisfy interests of proprietors on coal mining escalating. But while owners factories and steamships Will not learn to perceive scientific as equal partners - participants of market economy, our mines will blow up.

When number was imposed...

the expert of mining Known in Kuzbas (wished to remain not named) which has just returned from mine Ulyanovsk has informed your correspondent the following. It appears, that English the best in the world the system of gas protection concerns workings out of Englishmen of 1981 and has been calculated on work of a clearing face with loading 1 - 2 thousand tons a day. This system in original staff had speed of power cutoff in mine at dangerous concentration of gas - 10 milliseconds. Our customers conducted coal mining with loading to 6 thousand tons a day, and they have asked this step of switching-off to increase till 10 seconds. For this reason at a roof collapse when have started to be torn and spark electrocables, for these 10 seconds in mine Ulyanovsk there were five explosions of methane.


Yesterday Rostehnadzor   has suspended for five days work of 33 mines of Russia, from them 29 mines in the Kemerovo region and   four - in the Rostov region.   on each of these   mines following the results of checks the penalty at a rate of 30 thousand roubles is imposed.

we Will remind that total checks of Rostehnadzor has started to spend after failure on mine Ulyanovsk in Kuzbas which victims of a steel of 108 persons, and two were missing. Under the order of head Rostehnadzora Konstantin Pulikovski, on country mines check everyone zakutok. Results at times surpass the most gloomy expectations. By words a press - secretary Rostehnadzora Evgenie Anoshina, for example, in Khakassia on mine Coal inspectors have found out 141 infringement of industrial safety.

As to failure on mine Ulyanovsk now, according to Anoshina, Rostehnadzor considers five versions of failure. Yesterday the commission has started studying of material evidences together with representatives of suppliers of the equipment from Great Britain which established this equipment and worked directly on mine. The governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has declared that deliberate switching-off of automatic gas protection on mine could become a cause of the explosion. However, according to E.Anoshina, it only one of ten versions of an event . There are facts about intervention of the person in equipment work, but it is not at the bottom of explosion - Anoshin has added.