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Physicians will be responsible for death of the eight-year child

Why appendicitis removal has turned back such tragical consequences, actions of doctors   were how much professional; - still it is necessary to answer all these questions to a consequence.

Events first developed traditionally: Dima Frosts has complained of a belly-ache, have gone with mum to hospital where it have told to prepare for operation on appendicitis removal. To the small patient have made a narcosis, but its paternal - that has not sufficed, the boy has started to wake up during operation. Anticipating it, to it have entered one more additional dose. In some minutes at the child heart, and though after fifteen minutes warm activity have restored has stopped, deduce from a coma of Dimu physicians could not. Next day the child have sent in the regional centre. And after a month the boy, without regaining consciousness, has died.

Mum Svetlana Morozova has addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor, and after the spent check, here have filed criminal charges under article 109 ch. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation   - “ death causing on imprudence owing to inadequate execution by the person of the professional duties “.

Experts - physicians too have drawn conclusions. Practically right after  destructions of the boy medical council Bezhetsky TSRB where it has been established has taken place that during operation and at resuscitation errors have been committed. As a result to the doctor to the anaesthesiologist - reanimatologu to Victor Kudryashov reprimand, by the rest   has been taken out; - the prevention. The head physician Bezhetsky TSRB Yury Ashevsky does not remove fault from the subordinates and speaks about happened with a pain:

-   it is Always terrible, when children perish. But completely to exclude such cases, unfortunately, it is impossible. The doctor - the anaesthesiologist at us skilled, works more than 25 years. I consider, a cause of death one of two   - Either allergic reaction, or a heart pathology. In actions of colleagues of infringement have been found. In details with it the consequence will understand.

Upon death of the child special conference in children`s regional hospital was spent. Its experts have paid attention that have not connected the boy to the volume ventilator, and also that the narcosis dose has appeared much more norm. On the basis of this data criminal case also has been brought. As interdistrict public prosecutor Vasily Volkov has told, during the investigation still are coming is judicial - medical examinations with participation of highly skilled experts which will draw a definitive conclusion.


In Western - Dvinsky area of area similar business about a medical error is already finished to court. The death of the five-monthly babe became a trial subject. The doctor - the pediatrist from Zapadnaya Dvina is accused under article 293 ch. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation   - “ the negligence which has entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health or death of the person “. Five-monthly kroha Karina Sadovshchikova which were ill with a pneumonia, has died on the way to Tver when to children`s regional hospital there were few minutes. Under the version of the party of charge, the infringements which have entailed so heavy consequences, was a little. In - the first, the doctor has not shown proper attention to a grave condition of the child, having examined the girl in six evenings, and then only at half past eight mornings next day. Transported the babe not in specially equipped transport, and in the usual car which was found by relatives, besides near to it instead of the doctor there was only a nurse. That fact was scandalous also that in the car there was only one oxygen pillow, and the girl simply did not have air. The business which has reached court in January of this year, has been returned back to Office of Public Prosecutor for elimination of remedial discrepancies. However the charge party hopes that already in the near future the negligence of doctors will find the estimation and court.