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Moscow Maugli applies on the Gold mask

that a musical Maugli has got all only to one nomination (the executor of a title part Alexander Babenko will put forward on the award as the best actor) not seems to me fair. It also magnificent show with inventive direction of debutant Alina Chevik, Vladimir Arefyev`s expressive registration and unusual for operetta troupes a modern drive - experience of stationary musicals of group in parallel existing on this scene the Underground obviously has not passed for theatre for nothing.

Certainly, such show is a basic withdrawal both from typical operetta repertoire, and from technologies of traditional theatre - with an orchestra and the rate on the live vocal not deformed by artificial strengthening. Performance goes under minus Soundtrack - that is under the written down electronic accompaniment and microphonic singing which at so vortical dynamics of performance too can be accepted for record. But physical preparation of the singer - the actor - the dancer at us for these years has left far forward, and universality of executors - the first that impresses in Maugli . Here equally masterly own both art of modern dance, and microphonic singing, after acrobatically difficult podtantsovki perfectly hold breath and thus do not forget about purely actor`s problems to remain in an image of a wolf, a panther or a jackal. And though in a bear to Ball the traditional comedian, in Bagire - the heroine - vamp, in a tiger of Sher - the Khan - the operetta villain, and in Maugli - the charming gawk who will turn back the hero is clearly looked through, all it so is far cunning from an operetta genre that it is strange even to present that on the same scene the same actors will play " in the evening; Maritsa .

a Genre designated Maugli any more does not demand the developed characters is a show of bright masks, fantastic musical imagination where it is necessary to represent hazardously jungle, animal or human. On a scene quite actual fight for equality unlike - the one who " is developed; not as all . Artist Vladimir Arefyev has found remarkably exact, capacious, celebratory, easily transformed image of a thicket, the hospitable and terrible, close and spacious, filled living creatures. The director with ballet master Boris Baranovsky have thought up set plastic tricks amazing one only " stand expressiveness and wit - that; flights on a scene of the bird`s flights, squirrels - letjag or other any nice creatures on roller carts. Are good grimy and the suits calculated on imagination of spectators and their active coauthorship. It is a lot of acrobatics and cheerful hooliganism.

But the main thing in performance, of course, masochnyj nominee Alexander Babenko who should divide a success part with Nikita Kopejkinym playing Maugli - the boy. Both executors remarkably coincide on typology, both are charming and at once bribe auditorium ingenuous young power. And that all jungle instantly falls in love in a human cub here you perceive without any amendment on theatrical convention.

Jury the Gold mask it is necessary hardly: to compare the nature of actor`s skill in such show and in performances competing to it on Mozart and Shostakovich basically it is impossible - before us not so simply different genres, but also the different art forms demanding different performing school. It would be incorrect and prefer any of schools, to consider one old and leaving, and another - new coming in the stead. Both should co-exist - as co-exist all over the world Offenbach with Uebberom. Or to supplement each other - so to operas of Ramo in known Parisian performances have given computer technologies, having provided with it happy new life at generations of epoch MTV. The Moscow operetta has followed this way and has presented to us the first on - to the present successful performance for the last years.