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Communication with Moscow became more expensive to inhabitants situated near Moscow

In the working days with 8. 00 to 20. 00 cost of minute of connection with Moscow through a code 498 will make for the subscribers situated near Moscow living in the first zone (on distance to 100 kilometres from Moscow), 2 roubles of 15 copecks. And with 20. 00 to 8. 00, and also in target and holidays, the price of a call for them will make 1 rouble of 50 copecks. As have explained to the correspondent in a press - service Rostelecom the majority of subscribers situated near Moscow, whose numbers leave on a code 498, live in the first zone. However is among them and those who lives in the second zone (on distance from 101 to 600 km). They should pay for conversations with Moscow more: to 20. 00 in everyday life the call price in this case will make 3 roubles of 85 copecks, and after eight evenings, just as in target and holidays, - 2 roubles of 50 copecks in a minute of conversation.

it is not excluded that other codes situated near Moscow also expect change. As already wrote, this year the largest telephone operator of the Moscow area TSentrTelekom plans to translate regional phones with direct Moscow numbers from a code 495 in a regional code 498 and 496. Hence, after such change of codes calls between Moscow suburbs cities will be considered vnutrizonovym as connection and to be paid proceeding from corresponding tariffs. Thus owners of given telephone numbers should pay besides a monthly fee and every minute conversation with Moscow as calls to capital will be tarifitsirovatsja as long-distance. However the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov has sent the letter to the minister of information technology and communication of the Russian Federation to Leonid Rejmanu with the request to keep at transition to other codes available order of payment of telecommunication for the subscribers situated near Moscow having the Moscow code 495.

According to the minister of information technology and communication of region of Nikolay Mezhueva, the agreement on a delay has been reached, so direct Moscow telephone numbers and a former order of payment in Moscow suburbs should remain at least till the end of 2007.