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Drivers remove toning directly on roads

To begin with we will tell about complexities with which operation carrying out has been connected. Under our legislation to check a technical condition of a vehicle the state inspector of technical supervision has the right only. Check svetopropuskanija glasses demands also presence of the corresponding equipment. Therefore infringers revealed only on stationary posts and checked in the same place. When operation started, the stream of complaints has gone: a pier, the inspector of traffic police has no right to check a technical condition of the car if that has taken place checkup. An incident that the inspector of traffic police really has no such right. But it is at the state inspector of technical supervision. In Position about the technical supervision confirmed by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular, it is said that at supervision of traffic control over a technical condition of vehicles can be spent on stationary posts. And in traffic regulations it is written that before a trip each driver is obliged to check up serviceability of a vehicle. The majority of drivers, alas, knows that that toning which is present on their cars, is illegal. And nevertheless they leave on streets and even try to pass checkup. Only check of diagnostic cards on checkup points has shown that about 10 percent of automobile owners have arrived on this action with the toning, not corresponding STATE THAT. Accordingly, they have not passed checkup.

According to representatives of Department of safety of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, this operation was spent to draw on purpose only attention to a problem. There are traffic regulations, there are requirements under the admission of vehicles to operation. But very many consider shameful to carry out these norms. A unique penalty which threatens the careless motorist for deaf toning, - 50 roubles of the penalty. And even such sum not everyone pays: the majority prefers to throw out the receipt in a window. It at us in the country nenakazuemo.

But we will return to action results. In total 607 543 cars are checked up. It is revealed more than 208 thousand cars, svetopropuskanie which glasses does not correspond to GOST requirements. Only 47 790 drivers have decided to eliminate an offence on a place. That is independently to remove tonirovochnuju a film with front and forward lateral glasses.

we Will remind: according to GOST 5727 - 88 Glass safe for ground transport it is supposed svetopropuskanie a windscreen - not less than 75 percent. Svetopropuskanie glasses of forward doors not less than 70 percent. Svetopropuskanie other glasses it is not regulated. According to substantive provisions under the admission of vehicles transparent coloured films can be attached to operation on the top part of a windscreen.