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Grabovoj the Tagansky court of Moscow keeps silence

Yesterday considered Grigory Grabovogo`s notorious as the pseudo-healer case twice.

At first the court has made the decision under the complaint of lawyers accused in which those asked to return business in Office of Public Prosecutor. As it is specified in the petition - for elimination of infringements . But on September, 27th last year business of Grabovogo already returned in Office of Public Prosecutor for elimination of infringements . It Also has returned to court only after five months. Yesterday the court recognised that all infringements are already eliminated and the request to lawyers has been refused. The accused has answered this decision with silence.

In other complaint which the court has accepted from are sewn up, the request contained to release Grabovogo from - under guards. And this petition has been rejected. According to Office of Public Prosecutor, it can disappear from justice. Or in the interests to affect witnesses and victims. The court has agreed with public prosecutors. Now accused remains behind a lattice to a sentence.

Lawyer Grabovogo Gennady Makarov has informed that during preliminary hearing was declared an order of 20 petitions, but almost all complaints remained without satisfaction.

Grabovoj is accused of swindle in especially large size and will judge it as regards 4 articles 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. Criminal case has been raised by Office of Public Prosecutor in April, 2006 upon roguish actions of workers Grigory Grabovogo`s Fund . Within the limits of this business Grabovoj has been detained and then arrested. On June, 15th, 2006 accusation on the facts of pseudo-revival of victims or ostensibly treatment of people from a serious illness has been brought to it. For it it took from relatives revived great sums of money. In total Grabovomu 11 episodes are made. On one of them guilty he of does not recognise.