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The personnel of an aquapark has not noticed, how the teenager has tightened in filtrational system

Yesterday without day aquapark work in resort settlement Loo where the day before was lost 14 - summer Krasnodar schoolboy Dmitry Kosik has been stopped.

Dima has arrived in Loo together with the contemporaries from Krasnodar to a popular aquapark in Sochi, which during the period a dead season actively entices clients, including children, the special prices : for 500 roubles here it is possible to spend all the day long, using every possible attractions, and even to stay the night in sleeping cases. In the days off and on vacation here there are many schoolboys. So was and this time: children slid on water hills literally the conveyor.

the Tragedy has happened in one of so-called receptions pools where going for a drive get in the end of an attraction. However, eyewitnesses at it was not: Dimu Kosika in the hatch of filtrational system at a dock apron have found out, it is possible to tell, casually.

- We wait for results is judicial - medical examination, however it is obvious that the schoolboy was long enough found in water already dead, - the public prosecutor of Lazarevsky area Sochi Aleksandr Novikov has informed the correspondent. - the consequence within the limits of the criminal case raised by us has many questions to the instructor of an attraction who should watch constantly clients, and also to the mechanic serving systems of water treating.

As one of schoolgirls who was on the same attraction where the Krasnodar eighth-grader was lost has told, having got from a hill to pool, she has felt a strong current which attracted it in the whirlpool pulling to a bottom. With great difficulty the girl managed to get out from draughts . Unfortunately, it has not given special value of this situation, having decided that it is an attraction part.

Dima Kosik as it is established, Went trace and, most likely, has flown by from a hill further, than the got off light schoolgirl. Nobody saw, how it has left on a bottom: the adults serving an attraction, children. After the teenager have found on the shoulders tightened in an aperture of filtrational system.

Eyewitnesses assert that the victim have brought to a mortuary of the nearest hospital in the office car of an aquapark though in such cases carriages " are usually used; first aid . In general, it was appreciable by all actions of the personnel of an aquapark that for the clear reasons here incident publicity most of all were afraid.

On one of versions, the technical employee of an aquapark has removed a lattice for cleaning, simultaneously having started the powerful pump which provides a water exchange. Other version which parents of the lost schoolboy adhere, consists that their son was hooked for the filter which has rusted through and it has tightened in an aperture of the hatch of the circulating pump.

In the meantime

definitive answers will be given by technical expert appraisal which is spent within the limits of criminal case, she will establish degree of fault of everyone who should provide safety of an attraction. While work of experts will not end, the water entertainment complex will be under the lock.