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The schoolgirl has run away from the house, suffering from unfortunate love

In the history about complete disappearance of four Irkutsk schoolgirls turn was outlined: yesterday in Sverdlovsk ROVD with care have assumed that gone on March, 30th Maria Pogorelets, Natalia Begun, Polina Rukosueva and Alina Gruzdev are live.

Employees of an operations section assert that last days in region has not been registered any message on incidents, accidents with minors or the crimes directed against them. Give certain hope and some circumstances of disappearance of schoolgirls: as it became known, leaving parental houses, they have grasped with themselves which - that from personal things, documents, photos, money...

Besides, the militia has some information from the witness. Having heard in one of extras of news the information on the gone girls, them has learnt in the buyers the seller of a grocery booth from Angarsk.

- the Woman has told that girls came into its shop, under the description very similar on searched, - Marina Postnaja has told the chief of department on affairs of minors Sverdlovsk ROVD Irkutsk. - therefore now searches are conducted in this area of Angarsk.

There are assumptions and of the runaway reasons. As militias of the girl-friend of the gone ninth-graders, at one of them " admitted; there was an unfortunate love . And the subject of this love now passes involuntary service in one of the military parts located in Angarsk.

- the Operative group from Sverdlovsk ROVD has left to Angarsk, - have told in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Irkutsk region. - intensive searches Are conducted. However while they have not given results.