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Vladimir Jakovlev will pass through Duma a purgatory

But to this role to ministers not to get used - work at them such, both, it is possible to tell, on a front line. One is responsible for how in Russia treat and protect those who especially needs state protection. Another - in the answer for in what conditions there live Russians.

But if head minzdravsotsrazvitija Michael Zurabov has already passed cleaning procedure of the governmental hour also has received an estimation of deputies it only is necessary to Vladimir Jakovlevu. Today deputies will ask from it for a condition housing - municipal services, its preparation for the future osenne - to the winter period and for measures on price control and tariffs on housing - utilities. In the State Duma are again dissatisfied with results of activity jakovlevskogo departments. As the speaker of chamber Boris Gryzlov has declared yesterday to journalists, people`s choices are anxious by that the ministry of regional development is constant nedorabatyvaet - branch reforming is not carried out, updating of funds is not made, alternative energy sources are not used.

Boris Gryzlov considers that branch which is engaged most the burning questions exciting each inhabitant of our country and uses in a year more than trillion roubles, should be put under rigid control . We do not see an effective utilisation of money - the speaker has noticed. Even more often for correction of errors minregiona it is necessary to resort to the help of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. But, according to Gryzlov and to save on housing and communal services sphere it is not necessary. that we now will give short housing and communal services, it is necessary to give then the Ministry of Emergency Measures for liquidation flowing on time and the technogenic accident washed away on territory .

Concerning Vladimir Jakovleva in the Duma too offers on resignation, truth, while shy enough more than once expressed. And till now rather easily it was possible to Jakovlevu to beat off from deputy claims. First he referred on the early childhood the ministry. Then on imperfection of the law accepted by the Duma, on insuperable disagreements with the Ministry of Finance. Whether Jakovlev can find today such arguments which will allow it to avoid neuda for work of department which Duma members have exposed to Michael Zurabovu? By the way, lower chamber council has included in the summons of today`s session the project of the reference to the chairman of the government of Russia Michael Fradkov concerning activity minzdravsotsrazvitija in which, according to Boris Gryzlov, the State Duma position is actually shown. In - the first is a recognition of work of department of Michael Zurabova on medicinal maintenance unsatisfactory. And council following from this recognition to the prime minister - to spend organizational - personnel strengthening of the ministry.

In - the second, the revolutionary offer - to dissolve questions of public health services and the medical industry, on the one hand, and questions of work and social development, with another, on two different ministries. we consider that in such conditions work of both ministries will be more effective - Boris Gryzlov has told to journalists, without having specified, what of two armchairs which have turned out as a result of such division if it takes place, will get to Michael Zurabovu. On Ohotnij rjad why - that very few people believes that Zurabs can remain in general without a ministerial armchair.

However, yesterday household chores at deputies of the State Duma have receded under the impact of news from Ukraine. Duma members made comments new orange turn in Kiev.

There are no doubts that latest developments - a direct consequence of that occurred in the end of 2004, when orange forces trampled the Ukrainian laws and the constitution and bases of political instability " have been put; - the chairman of the Duma Committee on affairs of the CIS and to communications with compatriots Andrey Kokoshin has declared to journalists. As he said, the same people destabilised conditions and then, and now . Kokoshin considers an event in Kiev as the result of certain influence or intervention of the western political forces which stated the discontent with behaviour of the government and Are glad . The head of the Duma committee predicts that deep political crisis will inevitably affect economy. But at the same time he hopes that the Ukrainian colleagues will meet this crisis and in Ukraine there will be steady political conditions . The chairman of the Duma Committee on the international affairs Konstantin Kosachev named decree signing about dissolution Ukrainian Are glad an error, which, obviously, does not promote the decision of internal political problems . the Reasons for radical intervention from the president of Ukraine was not - Kosachev has declared to journalists, having noticed what absolutely to exclude threat of application of violence, namely direct collisions on a Maidan, unfortunately, it is impossible . Nevertheless he is convinced what to interfere with a situation in Ukraine would be not absolutely correctly . And on a question that the USA have already stated the concern about it, Kosachev has answered with the question: you suggest us to copy errors?

the Chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov has warned the authorities of Ukraine against violence which can follow in political crisis development in this country. I think what to estimate legal steps of that there occurs, still it is necessary to us, - Gryzlov has told. - but that is already visible: the race for power question in Ukraine passes from a competition in an antagonism of the parties. This antagonism occurs in the street, and it is fraught with violence, possible excitements from what it would be desirable to keep our colleagues . While the Russian members of parliament do not have common opinion, whether it is necessary to the State Duma to accept any special document in connection with a situation in Ukraine. But, according to the committee-man on affairs of the CIS Konstantin Zatulin, the project of the similar document can be prepared till the end of this week.