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Vladimir Efremov: Sakhalin and Kuriles can be made prospering

Attention of the federal centre to region it is extremely pointed. Russia has appeared before threat of actual loss of control over these territories: the demographic situation is extremely negative, the economy, despite a number of scale projects, stagniruet, and attention of neighbours to east edge of Russia accrues. What occurs on Sakhalin why this region which has become by the centre of priority raw projects, has imposed the budget with 2 - milliard deficiency? How is to people in a shade of oil and gas buildings of a century? And many other things we have tried to learn it from our visitor.

| the Center has developed the program of lifting of Kuriles and Sakhalin on which will go 17 billion roubles of the state investments. But when they will work?

Vladimir Efremov | I Think that all - taki in the face of present generation to make Sakhalin and Kuriles prospering it is possible. But on it a lot of time and efforts is required.

it is unconditional, gives the effect that the government has closely dealt with Far East problems. On Sakhalin today there is a certain stability is is connected first of all with development of oil and gas projects. The average salary has come nearer to 20 thousand roubles a month. The area budget in comparison with 2004 has grown almost twice. But it is necessary to notice and obvious: that the population on - former leaves from here. Sakhalin loses where - that of one percent of the population a year. Therefore means which allocate from Moscow, it is impossible simply proest . They should go on creating to people of a condition for normal life, to generate workplaces that there were roads, schools, decent habitation in exchange razvaljuh barrack-type type that has come round half-dead housing and communal services.

We understand that to the Far East Russia cannot throw all forces, and the prospering Japan to us on a standard of living still not to reach yet. But if to compare us to a midland of Russia starting conditions at us are not worse.

RG | the State investments it is good. And how affairs with the private are?

Efremov | Investors while in turn do not rise. But I do not think that business in as if ostensibly business was frightened off by known history round the project Sakhalin - 2 when Gazprom has come in the stead of foreign operators. On the contrary, the situation with this project has shown that laws in Russia, including nature protection, work. Unfortunately, foreigners frequently catch our legal nihilism. You will think, have not observed such - that nature protection norms - here podravnjaem, there bulldozers soskrebem... As the Russian contractors worked for the foreign operator basically. But we in Russia start this nihilism to get rid. And a situation around Sakhalin - 2 - one more signal to it which, in my opinion, business has apprehended correctly.

the Investor is frightened off by another. High tariffs for an electricity and for fuel in general. The worn out infrastructure. High social obremenenija which business is simply obliged to bear, working in so difficult region - for the sake of own comfort, eventually.

it is unconditional, these problems are surmountable. First of all - efforts of the authorities, both local, and especially federal level. I think that special attention of the Center to our problems should be transformed to a certain universal algorithm not simply works with the investor - in the program of complex improvement of region. The program which will allow to carry out economic transformations without heavy social consequences which will allow to combine flexibly reconstruction unattractive for the investor of an infrastructure, first of all housing and communal services, about actually business - projects. And I see that such understanding at the government, at the president is.

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