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Moscow: deputies ofonareli

the Question not rhetorical if to consider that else two years of the power for the first time for 50 years have decided to replace at last old capital lanterns (together with decayed support and cables) with the modern. As it was found out, has pushed them to it that 75 percent of lanterns in a city shine with the last bit of strength as have served the working life. Also many transformer substations since 1936 fairly were worn out. This gloomy argument became yesterday lethal argument of representatives GUPa mosgorsvet convincing the commission on municipal economy to find the necessary finance until as the capital absolutely will plunge into darkness.

it was unexpectedly found out that by working out of the strategic plan on illumination of Moscow all why - that have forgotten about social objects and court yard, hoping that there will light either prefectures, or profile departments. As a result lanterns have got to the rebuilding plan in streets, highways and tunnels only. That you will not tell about objects sotsialki. Representatives of all three departments - public health services, formation and sports - spoke to deputies same: include to us light, it is terrible to leave a building in the evening.

to Whom it is the most terrible, knows only mosgorsvet : during research it was found out that to light 1600 objects are necessary at least. From them 1275 are schools and gardens which outside are not shined even with worldly-wise lanterns! This fact has especially amazed deputies. Most of all dark schools, judging by data GUPa, in the Central district - 204, on the second place educational institutions in Southern district - 199, and on the third - Severo - East district - 191 darken. On number of badly shined hospitals and polyclinics the capital centre also is in the lead - lanterns near 48 objects demand urgent reconstruction or replacement. On the second place in the list in great need in new lanterns near to medical institutions - the Western district - 31, on the third - Severo - Western - 25. To light all these objects, mosgorsvet asks 1 billion 295 million roubles. And 800 million more it is required for start of the automated system of inclusion and switching-off of system of street illumination of capital: so that one movement of a computer key it was possible to light or extinguish for a second the necessary lantern without a ringing of dispatchers. Such modern way, experts promise, will pay back itself: will help a city to save 130 million roubles a year. However the deputy the head of department of the finance of Moscow Tatyana Smirnova has not shown a bit of generosity on automatic machines: as she said, this year from the budget really to allocate for external illumination of 69 million roubles, next year - about 405 million, and in 2009 - approximately 385 million roubles. Discussion by has ended that the chairman of the Commission on municipal economy Stepan Orlov has suggested to ask the mayor, under what lantern it is better to look for this money.