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Alexey Gordeyev has opposed new investors

If the project will be financially supported - the economic block of the government in minselhoze plan to start the program in 2008. Alexey Gordeyev has noticed that for last three years the state has essentially weakened the ground policy owing to what serious problems, including in relations between land users and land owners " have collected many;.

Gordeyev and repeatedly paid attention before to a disturbing situation in this sphere. During a trip to Orenburg in the end of March he, for example, has declared: Outwardly 92 percent of the earths of agricultural purpose in Russia are as though in private possession. But from them only third is issued properly. The problem of ground shares, especially in the Central Russia, costs very sharply . It is a question about actual oteme the earths. The mechanism of rural corporate raid, according to Gordeyev, looks so: there come people with money, with the lawyers, all shareholders are put in the bus, carry to be registered. Make out entering of shares into a certain joint-stock company and there and then at them these actions redeem. New owners cause the director of an economy and speak - good-bye, this earth here any more yours, we here build other plans...

Alexey Gordeyev insists that it is necessary to toughen procedure of transfer of the earth from one category in another. it is necessary to change the legislation so that the one who works on the earth, had advantage. The one who works on the earth, instead of these new investors - he considers.