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In Iraq threaten to execute Chemical Ali

After Hussein`s sentenced to death on another matter execution, it became the main things accused on the case of a genocide of the Iraq Kurds in 1987 - 1988 during operation code-named Anfal .

Itself al - Madzhid denies the fact of application of the chemical weapon during operation Anfal . During one of judicial hearings the accused has underlined that a nickname Chemical Ali has thought up to itself for intimidation of Kurdish insurgents, and to application of poison gases it has no relation.

the Incident considered in court, has occurred while Teheran and Bagdad still were at war. In the north of Iraq then Kurdish insurgents from groups " operated; Peshmerga supervised by Iran.

During operation Anfal in total it has been destroyed more than 180 thousand Kurds. Among them the woman, children and old men. Hussein`s army during fighting operations actively applied practice of carpet bombardments of villages and the chemical weapon, including nervously - paralytic gas.

As a result of one of gas attacks the small town Halabdzha population has been almost completely destroyed. After overthrow of a mode of Hussein in territory of Iraq mass burial places of victims of a genocide were revealed some.