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The Security Council has decided not to hurry up from Kosovo

For the first time in history to Security council have tried to impose powers for revision of territorial borders of the sovereign democratic state. And it besides that the authorities of this country do not agree tearing away of a part of the territory. So, in opinion of premieres - the minister of Serbia Voislava Koshtunitsy, in Belgrad estimate offers spetsposlannika Ahtisaari. It has appeared that the idea to allocate edge Kosovo all attributes of independence under time management of the international community, causes questions not only in Serbs.

As the constant representative of Russia in the United Nations Vitaly Tchurkin has noted after Security Council session, in performances of the majority of participants of session doubts sounded. The Russian diplomat has confirmed that Moscow on - former does not intend to support the offered plan in its present kind. It is necessary for Russia, that both parties have agreed with the document. While, according to Tchurkin, the formula of Ahtisaari considers exclusively interests of Kosovan Albanians and thus absolutely ignores objections of Serbia. The Russian position divide the Peoples Republic of China and a number of non-permanent members from Africa and Latin America.

However from lips of supporters of independence of Kosovo absolutely opposite estimations sound. So, the British representative in the United Nations Emir Johns - Perr has declared that the plan of Ahtisaari uses « considerable support » in Security Council. It has expressed the firm conviction that following the results of the closed negotiations Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and the USA already will begin in the near future work on the draught resolution on Kosovo. As he said, London sets as the purpose to achieve approval of the plan of Ahtisaari till the end of June.