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The problem of safety of flights gets political character

On it yesterday head mintransa Igor Levitin has paid attention, acting at the first session of the Interdepartmental commission on safety of flights of civil aircraft.

the Most simple, the minister has told, would be to conclude that errors of the person testify to its imprudence or incompetence, however it is wrong. Unfortunately, incidents cannot be prevented, simply having replaced people. It is necessary to walk on all chain of problems. It and absence of modern system of preparation of pilots, and not only professional, but also psychological. And the questions connected by that in the country are not present system of architectural supervision of technics. For example, manufacturers They are 134 for a long time have thrown this plane also are not engaged in its modernisation. It is important and as work with the personnel in airlines, payment of pilots and workers of land services is put. The role is played also by absence of variety of necessary standard documents.

And that the commission is formed on the instructions of the president, Levitin has underlined, says that the problem of safety of flights is so serious that gets political character. Any further miscalculations and errors will be used for decrease in authority of Russia on international scene. So the special attention at the first session of the commission has been given working out of the Government program of safety of flights in civil aircraft according to standards of International Civil Aviation Organization which should be finished by July, 1st of this year.

According to the minister, tragical consequences of accidents of 2006 became a consequence of errors and miscalculations for last 15 years when the purposes and priorities of development of civil aircraft were defined. And today, according to Levitina, the branch is on a critical boundary. To solve the problems connected with safety of flights, it is necessary in the conditions of prompt growth of volumes of transportations and the big requirement for mass updating of park of aircrafts. On change to old generation new aviation experts come. At the same time the meteomaintenance system has become outdated, and deterioration take-off - landing strips reaches already 80 percent. And heavy aviation incidents of last time have bared all these problems. With 2002 for 2006 to civil planes of commercial aircraft there were 65 aviation incidents, including 27 accidents.

Within a month in the commission working groups in the basic directions will be generated. We will remind that its structure included representatives not only mintransa, Rosaviation, Rostransnadzora, Rosaeronavigatsii, Interstate aviation committee, but also minpromenergo, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service, and also public organisations. In mintranse are assured that such teamwork which excludes long coordination between departments, will help to cope with problems in the shortest terms. Igor Levitin also has invited to take part in working out of the Government program of safety of flights in civil aircraft of experts of aviation community.

As it became known to the correspondent, in the program all spectrum of problems of branch will be provided. And it becomes a basis of creation of a national control system of safety of flights in aviation enterprises, the airports, in the organisations which are engaged in maintenance service of planes and air traffic control. According to experts, already through two - three years works programs it will be possible to stabilise level of safety of flights and to approach it to the average world standards.