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In Ekaterinburg the next financial pyramid

Vice-president of Committee of the State Duma on the credit organisations and the financial markets Nikolay Sapozhnikov was found out has addressed to the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergey Ignatyev and the General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Chajke with the request to understand a scandal story with the next financial pyramid from which activity thousand citizens in different regions of the country have suffered.

It is a question about registered in St.-Petersburg in 2005 of the company “ Global Gejming of the Expo “ based by the businessman from Ekaterinburg Alexey Kalinichenko. The company specialised on management of financial actives of physical persons, suggesting clients to increase their savings at the expense of trade in market Forex. According to the developed scheme risked to grow rich citizens should transfer the money resources in trust management “ Global Gejming of the Expo “.

As usual, in the beginning business has gone uphill: game on Forex brought in the considerable income, involving in a chain all new investors. As wrote mass-media, in August of last year the company has unexpectedly stopped payments, and businessman Alexey Kalinichenko has disappeared. By different estimations, has disappeared and about 150 million the dollars belonging to private investors which considerable part lives in Uralsk federal district. As it became known from N.I.Sapozhnikova`s deputy inquiry, according to mass-media, in September, 2006 Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on UrFO has brought concerning the Ekaterinburg trader Kalinichenko criminal case N 452309 on the swindle facts in especially large size. However, as they say in deputy inquiry, “ the suffered investors believe that investigation agencies bodies and operative control undertake not all necessary measures for revealing guilty and true establishments in this business “. According to the member of parliament, received of mass-media, the trust of citizens to the financial project has been based on impression that as the actual guarantor of the project the Ekaterinburg bank of Open Society " has acted; มเํ๊24. ru “ through which passed all financial operations “ Global Gejming of the Expo “.

that the company which has received scandalous popularity working with clients under the gambling licence, had really a direct bearing on Open Society “ มเํ๊24. ru “ confirms also a management of this bank. However, as the chief executive of this establishment Boris Djakonov in interview to the newspaper " has declared; Kommersant “ (N 153, 19. 08. 06), “ Global “ was the usual client of bank. However, judging by the given mass-media, it was a question of joint business: referring to the letter of Kalinichenko of the newspaper have informed that it was the holder 20 - a percentage share holding of Banka24. ru. According to the newspaper “ Kommersant “ It even held in this bank a post of the chief of department of conversion operations. In interview “ to the Businessman “ (N155 from 23. 08. 06) Alexey Kalinichenko also has confirmed that has chosen for cooperation of Bank24. ru, having bought about 20 percent of its actions. The tripartite agreement between trader Kalinichenko, the company " has been thus entered into; Global Gejming of the Expo “ and Open Society “ มเํ๊24. ru “.

Meanwhile as wrote newspapers, Kalinichenko accuses in happened the partners in business - head Banka24. ru Sergey Lapshin, the general director of Open Company “ Incorporated group of traders “ Sergey Yefimov and the general director of Open Company “ Global Gejming of the Expo “ Felix Porina. Both in Nikolay Sapozhnikova`s deputy inquiry, and in the newspaper publication “ Kommersant “ (“ Global swindle “ N 153, 19. 08. 06) Alexey Kalinichenko`s ostensibly directed by it in law enforcement bodies the statement, that from the account " is mentioned; Global Gejming of the Expo “ in Banke24. ru large sums of money have been illegally removed.

In inquiry of deputy Sapozhnikova the attention to the question on use of Bankom24 also is brought. ru the considerable money resources invested by citizens in the financial project for operations in market Forex. In inquiry it is noticed that the statement for possible participation of bank to forming of a financial pyramid on behalf of initiative group of the deceived investors in December, 2006 has been directed the assistant to the Public prosecutor of the Russian Federation on UrFo Yury Zolotov. “ earlier in October RUVD Ekaterinburg and Office of Public Prosecutor has ostensibly arrived two statements from citizen Kalinichenko A. P about bringing to criminal liability of citizens of Lapshin With. G, Yefimov With. V and Porina F.A.Odnako have been refused criminal case excitation “ - it is underlined in the text of deputy inquiry.

Besides, as it became known from inquiry of the vice-president of Committee of the State Duma on the credit organisations and Nikolay Sapozhnikova`s financial markets, on the instructions of law enforcement bodies Management of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on Sverdlovsk area had been in the end of the last year spent Open Society check “ มเํ๊24. ru “. But results of this check are unknown.

And here questions to Banku24. ru have arisen. It is known that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has led a policy of rigid control over activity of the Russian banks. But as to Open Society “ มเํ๊24. ru “ neither about a response at it the licence, nor about departmental claims to this credit institution it was audible nothing. And time so the citizens opening in this bank of the account for participation in game on Forex, did not have bases to doubt reliability of the projects connected with this bank. Whether it will be possible to the suffered investors to return at least a part of the disappeared savings?

the Newspaper “ Kommersant “ referring to experts estimates these chances sceptically. However, as one of applicants, " has expressed; if the consequence manages to prove participation of bank in our problems, maybe, and we can return money “ (N 153, 19. 08. 06). About Banke24. ru it is known that it has been founded in Ekaterinburg in 1992 and till 2003 was called “ Uralkontaktbank “. The Chairman of board of directors of bank Sergey Lapshin posesses 59,47 percent of shares, to chief executive Boris Djakonovu - 20 percent.

About Bank 24. ru also it is known that this bank had in due time the conflict to the Ekaterinburg deputy A. Habarovym which have found hung up in the pre-trial detention centre chamber.

Certainly, simple decisions of questions of the refund enclosed in a financial pyramid, for Russia are not characteristic. However encourages already that this scandal story is taken on control in profile committee of the State Duma, and heads of supervising departments are informed on it.