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Dmitry Medvedev has visited Grozny

- I Will tell frankly, that I have seen today, impresses. Rates of building, rates of restoration, cleaning of territory of Grozny very quite good, - he has told during meeting on realisation of the priority national projects, passing in republic Ramzana Kadyrova president residence. at the same time we perfectly understand that it is necessary to make still very many. I mean habitation, agriculture that formation and public health services " is the extremely actual for the Chechen Republic; - has added the first vitse - the prime minister.

Dmitry Medvedev spoke About improvement of a situation and necessity of work and at a meeting with students of the Chechen state university (CHGU). Obviously, I it see itself, all changes for the better. Certainly, still much should be made, but if to do nothing, anything and will not move - he has told. In conversation with students Medvedev has paid attention to an acute shortage of physicians in republic, in particular of therapists and doctors of narrow specialisation. a year or two from now we will graduate from the university - wait for us - has promised to the first vitse - to the prime minister one of the future doctors. In total CHGU, opened seven years ago, lets out annually more than 2 thousand experts, and on 72 chairs of high school study 15 thousand students. They are trained by 803 teachers. Such figures were resulted by the rector of university Anzor Muzaev.

One more point of a trip of the first vitse - the premiere became school N 1 in the city of Argun. First of all to it have shown a computer class. Dmitry Medvedev has noticed that computers standing there already have become outdated also them sooner or later it is necessary to change. In turn the principal Raisa Barzukaeva has told and about complexity of connection of these computers to a network the Internet. Satellite connection has appeared unreliable and all time breaks. Therefore we wait, when the Internet will lay on the allocated line - she has told. do not tighten with it - Medvedev has advised.

It is remarkable that this argunskaja school has taken part earlier in competition and has got support from the state budget on 1 million roubles. On this money as has told the director, offices of geography, biology, computer science, physics have been equipped. simply fine, at you at school very much it is pleasant to me - the first has told about seen vitse - the prime minister.

In a geography office all schoolboys have been dressed in a new school uniform. The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov accompanying Dmitry Medvedev, has told that this innovation. If the school uniform gets accustomed, will be entered at all schools of the Chechen Republic. The form, judging by reaction of pupils and teachers, already is pleasant.

the Director Raisa Barzukaeva has complained that in republic while it is not enough schools and children should study in two changes. I studied in two changes - Medvedev admitted. and I too - Kadyrov has added. the main thing - well study, - Medvedev has addressed to pupils. Is will be your thanks us .

Besides, Dmitry Medvedev has visited polyclinic N 3 in Grozny. The polyclinic occupies the ground floor with a vein pjatietazhki and a cellar part. Thus daily her visit to 250 inhabitants complaining of health. Doctors first of all asked about moving to a typical building, and about narrowness to the first vitse - a premiere has told head physician Roza Inderbieva. Certainly, to us it is close in an apartment house. There are no offices, well to receive the additional equipment - she has told, but has there and then added that within the limits of the national project Health are already received fibrogastroskop, the device of ultrasonic and three-channel an electrocardiogram. we will try to help you, than we can - Dmitry Medvedev has promised.