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The seagull prosecutes Berezovsky

- I have signed the international legal commission to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Great Britain where has once again paid attention of the British side to inadmissible behaviour of mister Berezovsky which the challenge regularly and in a pointed manner throws down to the world community, - Yury Chajka has commented on the actions. - we consider that Berezovsky has created criminal group which sets as the purpose violent overthrow of the lawful constitutional power in Russia. And such connivance from the British Ministry of Internal Affairs gives the chance to it to feel with impunity.

Thus the Public prosecutor has reminded that violent capture of the power in any country is a penal act . A seagull also has stated satisfaction actions of Skotlend - Yard which, as he said, has already begun check of public statements of Berezovsky.

- We have asked law enforcement bodies of Great Britain to return once again to a question on deprivation of its status of the political refugee and its extradition to Russia have demanded, - Yury Chajka has told.

He also has informed that the State Office of Public Prosecutor has finished criminal case investigation about plunder of 50 million dollars from airline Aeroflot . Boris Berezovsky along with podelnikami passes in quality of one of the main things accused.

- It is declared the consequence termination, and now lawyers and mister Berezovsky can arrive to Russia and begin acquaintance with criminal case materials, - Yury Chajka has explained the rights of the fluent oligarch.

After that business Aeroflot it will be directed to court. And there will be it in the nearest future.

- If mister Berezovsky is not on process, the law to us allows to consider case in its absence in absentia, - has underlined the Seagull.