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The orthodox Church celebrates day special pominovenija deceased

Orthodox Church on Tuesday of the second week on Easter   marks Radonitsu - day special pominovenija deceased.

On Radonitsu there is a custom of celebrating of Easter on tombs deceased where are brought krashenye eggs and other easter viands where the meal and a part of the prepared is made pominalnaja is given to beggars on pomin souls.

the custom which has Extended now to visit cemeteries in the day of Easter contradicts the most ancient establishments of Church: up to the ninth day after Easter pominovenie the deceased it is never made. If the person dies for Easter it bury on a special easter rank. Easter - time of special and exclusive pleasure, a holiday of a victory over death and over any grief and grief, informs an official portal of the Moscow patriarchy.

Etymologically a word radonitsa goes back to words a sort And pleasure and the special place of Radonitsy in a year circle of church holidays - right after - as though obliges Light easter week Christians not to go deep into experiences concerning death of relatives, and, on the contrary, to rejoice to their birth in other life - life eternal. The victory over the death, gained by death and revival of the Christ, forces out grief about time separation with native, and consequently we, by a word of metropolitan Antonija Surozhsky, with belief, hope and easter confidence we stand at a coffin deceased .