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Night propagandists have managed to the budget of Krasnoyarsk in 50 million roubles

However business not only in expenses.

- Last years Krasnoyarsk stably is the prize-winner of various competitions on an accomplishment. We position ourselves as a city where it is pleasant to live. Therefore we can not qualify an event differently as vandalism. The people who have made it, have put themselves out of city community, - with clear bitterness the first deputy of the mayor Vladimir Murysin speaks. - the city has incurred so large damage for the first time. No political ambitions can justify this vandalism. We will demand from law enforcement bodies that they have put things in order. We address for the help and to Krasnoyarsk citizens. Probably, to the one who will help to find malefactors, will give out compensation.

Has suffered well shined and it is far not deserted at night the centre of Krasnoyarsk

In the mayoralty the reference in the Department of Internal Affairs of a city and Office of Public Prosecutor with the request is already signed to file criminal charges concerning organizers and executors of the night action. We will note: first of all has suffered well shined and it is far not deserted at night the centre of Krasnoyarsk. Besides all Krasnoyarsk militia on the eve of elections has been put in a gun . However any hooligan not only have not detained - have not noticed.

- the Technology here simple, - shares the assumption with Krasnoyarsk political strategist Denis Poskonin. - Night, the car, some persons, ballonchiki with an aerosol. However, now such methods already are not used almost. What for to anger people? There is an official propaganda material and television aethers. It is the basic article of expenses in any election campaign. Judging by quality of polygraphy and quantity of every possible leaflets and newspapers which have been extended on edge for the last some weeks, for it have been spent ten millions roubles.
as a whole, despite night incident in Krasnoyarsk, present elections in regional parliament, according to observers, have passed, marvellously, easy: advertising did not dazzle, as earlier, attacks to opponents, did not conduct war of compromising evidences.

- During election campaign it was not observed uses of black technologies with attraction of mass media that was promoted by the changes brought in the selective legislation. The position of principle of election committee which has right at the beginning involved a number of the mass-media breaking this legislation in administrative responsibility has born fruit also, - consider in association of the noncommercial organisations on protection of suffrages Civil control .

Persons of candidates still smile from publicity boards. But the next elections behind. Cities and settlements habitually clear of tens thousand leaflets, newspapers, the calendars covering streets and entrances. Experts consider that very many in this evident propaganda it has appeared simply not claimed.

  the comment

Sergey Zhabinsky, the Krasnoyarsk political scientist:

- Present elections in Legislative Assembly in many respects were indicative. On the first place there was a direct work with voters during the interelective period. There were deputies those who really did something. With tons of printing materials, tens body - and radio rollers now a voice of people you will not involve: advertising and propagation have departed on the second place. It is a sign on formation of new political culture in Russia. To create the political capital on the groundless criticism of competitors or usages in the country, without having behind the back of luggage of own affairs, already it is impossible.