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Aman Tuleyev: Failure on mine Ulyanovsk - the realised crime

the Realized crime named failure on mine Ulyanovsk on March, 19th, where were lost more than hundred persons,   the Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleyev.  

According to Tuleyev, this crime has been made for coal mining increase. It has assigned responsibility for tragedy   on proprietors of mine, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

I completely agree with commission conclusions. The cause of accident - in deliberate actions of company Juzhkuzbassugol, and completely responsibility lies on a management of this company. It is the realised crime made for increase of coal mining. We have prepared a special note with the requirement to strengthen a role of Rostehnadzora in control over safety of works on mines. But front responsibility lies on proprietors of company Juzhkuzbassugol - Tuleyev has told.

Today head Rostehnadzora Konstantin Pulikovski has informed that a cause of the explosion on mine Ulyanovsk there was an electrocable short circuit. As he said, from - for absence of proper attention to safety on mine explosion could occur in any day - later or even before March, 19th. in any day when there would be a spark - head Rostehnadzora has told.

The day before in interview Pulikovski has declared: Even more often we face artificial intervention of the person in work of mechanisms. Here and on mine Ulyanovsk someone has got into automatics which showed high level of methane. Moreover, it could disconnect immediately an electricity in order to avoid a spark, but... Automatics on mine has been intentionally broken so that gauges showed smaller quantity of methane and did not disconnect an electricity .

Pulikovski has answered a question why people meaningly ran risks:   It is possible to assume only. One - from - for money not to stop coal development. Others... Commands were given by heads. Names of prospective executors, all who has directly put the equipment out of action, will find out law enforcement bodies. And within the limits of criminal case of originators the Office of Public Prosecutor " names;.