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The Tambov and Belgorod actives of YUKOS are sold to nobody the known company

by the New owner of power actives of YUKOS in the Tambov and Belgorod areas there was company Monte - Valle, offered 3,563 billion roubles.

the Initial price of a prize made 2,639 billion roubles, an auction step - 26,39 million roubles. Company Monte - Valle has won, having offered a big price on 35 - an ohm an auction step.

the Basic struggle during the auctions has inflamed between the company Financial agency and Open Company Monte - Valle. The Rosneft structure - Open Company - the Active - has made Oil only five demands, company Versar - any.

On auction on Tuesday have been exposed: 100 % of actions of Joint-Stock Company the Power service company, 100 % of Joint-Stock Company ESKOM - the Power trade, 3,18 % of Open Society the Territorial generating company 4, 25,15 % of Open Society the Tambov main network company, 25,15 % of Open Society the Tambov power marketing company, 25,15 % of Open Society Tambovenergo, 25 % of Open Society the Belgorod main network company, 25 % of Open Society the Belgorod marketing company, 25,73 % of Open Society Belgorodenergo and 25 % of Open Society Corporate service systems.

RIA Novosti news agency Source