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Ulmana the Chechen insurgents have stolen?

defendants declared in federal search, and hearings have postponed till May, 24th. So has occurred actually?

disappearance unequivocally to treat as runaway while it is impossible. As it became known to correspondents from sources in law enforcement bodies, it is considered except runaway and the version of abduction of members of spetsnaz the Chechen insurgents. Such though also it is improbable, but it is possible. However we will consider the version of runaway and we will try to understand motives of this act.

In business of Ulmana there is an interesting correspondence. In 2002 the arrested captain has addressed with the written petition for change to it of a preventive punishment on a subscription about nevyezde. The senior inspector on especially important issues of the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor the colonel of justice Sergey Leshkin has answered: you the regular officer of special troops, means, had training special preparation, hence, can run away anywhere, including abroad . Edward Ulman has remembered this phrase literally by heart and then when the jury it was justified also by it it has appeared on freedom, often quoted the answer of inspector GVP to the friends.

As it is known, both the first, and the second jury has justified members of spetsnaz. Ulman and its companions have continued service in army while the third legal investigation have transferred to court from three professional judges. But these people in epaulets and have not understood a difference between an ambush and the block - a post, have excluded that fact from attention that in January, 2002 in the Chechen Republic actually there was a war, and reconnaissance group which the captain ordered, carried out a fighting problem. And that the captain executed the direct order of the commander.

the Military public prosecutor has demanded for Edward Ulmana 23 years of a high security - actually a life imprisonment. And here three from four defendants were gone. Now it is possible to build versions only. Have decided to hide all life? It is difficult, but it is possible for the people who have passed special training. Whether such choice however enters into plans of members of spetsnaz? It is impossible to exclude that the act they have simply tried to draw once again attention to process. And to achieve a legal investigation taking into account all circumstances of tragedy.

And the main circumstance there was that all army then operated in territory of the Chechen Republic outside the limits of a legal field what public prosecutor`s workers why - that prefer not to remember. The criminal code of Russian Federation a part 1 article 42 says: is not a crime the tresspass... The person operating to execute obligatory for it of the order or the order. The criminal liability for causing of such harm is born by the person who has given the illegal order or the order .

the original bog of the military man and military - criminal law from here begins. Orders and who and as them carries out - on - to the present grey Zone of domestic jurisprudence where too many it is possible to interpret somehow, depending on the one who interprets and in whose advantage.