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Valuev will return in a year

Sporting world continues is live to discuss defeat of the Animal from Nikolay Valueva`s East in a duel for a rank of the world champion on boxing in a super heavyweight under version WBA.

not losing in the career on a professional ring of 48 fights, Valuev was bit Uzbek Ruslanom Chagaevym whom have already christened white Tyler .

the Winner has been revealed by the decision of arbitrators which following the results of 12 rounds have given overweight to Chagaevu. Valuev with the decision of the referee has agreed and has promised to return on a ring:

- the Contender was good, and claims to judges at me are not present. Unfortunately, I have tested bitterness of defeat. It is very unpleasant, but not tragedy. I strong and necessarily will take a revenge from Chagaeva. When it happens? I think, not later than in a year. Now I need to have a rest, come to the senses and again strenuously to train.

Taking into account defeat of Valueva widely announced fight between Nikolay and Ukrainian Vladimir Klichko will not take place. According to trainers of Valueva, this theme for them is closed. Klichko has venomously enough commented on an issue of the combat of the not taken place opponent:

- Valuev big. But this only thing, than it can brag.

As Nikolay`s manager - Boris Dimitrov (it has told to our correspondent and the father-in-law of the boxer), an odd-come-shortly - two command of Valueva will spend in Stuttgart, and then will go to Berlin:

- In capital of Germany we should work over documents together with our promoter Zauerlandom. I hope, these affairs will not occupy more week because Kohl already in impatience waits for a meeting with a family. Spouse Galina this time could not arrive to Germany, after all at Valuevyh the daughter of Irochka recently was born. Kohl, of course, it is upset, but experiences, I am assured, will not prevent it to depart quickly from failure and seriously to train further. King it has calmed Don words: Yet you have no in the track record of defeats - on spirit you yet the fighter. And to rise on top after falling it is twice honourable and it is prestigious . These words of the well-known promoter we took as the guide to action. For now Kohl sleeps off, descended in a sauna. Except business meetings, other actions at us in Germany it is not planned. Unless, I am assured, to us not to avoid a traditional campaign in the Berlin zoo.

| the revenge with Chagaevym is how much real?

Boris Dimitrov | Kohl now has the first number in rating WBA. To remain in shape, we assume to spend two duels against fighters from first ten rating WBA. On the other hand, if we refuse these duels and Kohl will wait for a meeting with the champion during inactivity its rating will fall also it will lose the right of an exit to the champion. And in case of successful end of these two fights Nikolay within a year again will meet Chagaevym. But, on the other hand, it is impossible to exclude, as Chagaev in this time at voluntary protection of the title can lose. So more correctly to say that after Kohl`s two victorious fights till April, 2008 leaves on title fight against the world champion operating at that point in time under version WBA.

RG | That in bolshej to a measure has affected an unsuccessful outcome of a duel with Chagaevym? Nikolay`s errors or the increased class of the contender?

Dimitrov | 50 on 50. Ruslan Chagaev really surpasses in a class of all fighters leaving on duels with Valuevym. The German sports press has estimated fight If with Chagaevym as the most beautiful for last year. On a course of action Valuev made any errors, but not they became fatal, and skill of the contender has served its purpose. But after all a boxing axiom - a champion rank to win easier, than it to keep - it is fair not only for my ward, but also for its contender. In a certain measure it for our command till last moment remained a dark horse . Now we will better study weak and strengths of Chagaeva.

RG | Whom else can name among the main applicants for a champion throne under version WBA and in other versions among supertjazhej?

Dimitrov | the next year hardly someone from black fighters can interfere with struggle of representatives of the East Europe school to which there are bases to carry and Chagaeva. Representatives of the USA and Africa which are in first tens ratings under all versions, already lost to Valuevu, both Klichko and Oleg Maskaevu. Chances of Briggsa against Ibragimova to me seem low. Fighters from the USA equal on talent to Tyler or Mohammed Ali if we also see it happens not earlier than the Peking Olympic Games.