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Photo-exhibition Lilja Brick. Femme fatale

Lilja Brick (till a marriage of Lilja Kagan) has early enough understood that it will not be possible to become famous for own talents to it. She tried to be engaged in a sculpture in one Munich private studio, but the prospect to receive professional rheumatism has averted it from this creativity. Tested as the dancer, but further photographing in a ballet pack business is not has gone. Laurels Pavlovoj, Karsavinoj, Idy Rubinshtejn and Isadora Duncan have appeared not for it. And its physical constitution and abilities to work not so approached for this employment. With graceful literature too there were the problems which have been found out still in gymnasia years. With pretty, interesantnoj appearance which first even as - that was underlined by bulging eyes, Lilija Jurevna nevertheless has entered into a literary world. However, not from a main entrance and so, having married writer Osipa Brick. However, under the Napoleonic statement, at first we are got involved, and there we will look . And shortly the mistress of artistic salon has looked after Vladimir Mayakovsky who has become by a pearl of its collection of celebrities and the strange companion of its married life.

That is always skilful Lilja Brick so it to present itself to the best advantage. To it there are many certificates - the photos made in studios Boassona (at which also the imperial surname, by the way, acted in film), Brodovsky, mjunhentsa Hoffmanna; it was embodied by photographers - fans, and then and masters of the Soviet photo. For example, for the artist - konstruktivista Alexander Rodchenko it so became favourite model that that in 1923 - has devoted 1924 to it whole photographic Lilinianu removing its that for fashionable pictures, for covers of poetic collections ( About it Mayakovsky) and propaganda posters - collages ( Books of Lenizdata ) . Lilja Brick was ideally suited for image the time which peak has had on 1920 - e years. On the one hand, bearing behind itself a loop of last high life, she, despite not too ideal figure, was able to carry things and was a good judge of them. It has kept this quality till last days long 87 - summer life. Pictures, on which it poses in Paris in 1924 with sister Elzoj Triole (in the near future wife Lui of Aragon) in dresses from Nadezhdy Lomanovoj, could make professional a model portfolio. On the other hand, without possessing aristocratic appearance, Lilja easily could address in proletarian agitatorshu, it was necessary to it to tie only a kerchief and to transform the a sensual grin in invocatory exclamation. So she also shouts on well-known rodchenkovskoj to advertising Books Lenizdata . In its shape something was always felt proprietary and, speaking to today`s language, konsumeristskoe. On a cover About it her face of the Soviet vamp with eyes round yes brown, hot to ashes looks as round stamp or ex libris put by the owner or kollektsionerkoj.

it is strange enough that Lilju Brick did not write and artists did not draw, did not mould and sculptors did not model. At least such examples are unknown. She for old time`s sake tested to mould, but, it is visible, not too successful - the destiny of its self-portraits also is unknown. Probably, she was afraid to trust the image to the stranger, probably, to the gifted artist, but owing to it just capable a tenacious sight to estimate it after the own fashion. A photo it was possible to correct framing and a retouch. It is enough to compare pictures Poured, intended for polygraphy, with house photos.

Its artistry has affected in other - Lilja Brick itself moulded the life, as though kneading in fingers different destinies, primerivaja their material to itself, and something and simply rejected aside. But on the other hand, it and itself was a material in hands of more powerful masters of this business which could crumple it in a flash. However it did not do. Round it people disappeared: in 1937 have shot its second husband komdiva Primakov, Lilju have not touched. She loved the company creative, at times unpredictable people in behaviour, had, so to say, dangerous liaisons (at least with abroad), but valued the calmness and comfort. For such life the special admission, and such at it was necessary, most likely, any time was. And though during Khruschev`s time it has appeared already delayed (persecution in the relation " has begun; muses Mayakovsky), to Paris it invariably let out. In what there was a secret of its power over others? It is old, as the world: It is necessary to operate weaknesses of others. As she said: It is necessary to inspire to the man that it remarkable or even ingenious, but that others do not understand it. And to resolve to it that houses do not resolve to it. Well and the rest will make good footwear and silk desu...