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Djigarkhanyan on a scene tries to answer many questions

the next theatrical season Comes to an end. The Moscow drama theatre under the direction of Armen Djigarkhanyan has noted its new prime ministers the House Bernardy Alby and There for us wait . At the art director of ideas it is a lot of. But Armen Borisovich has not shared the creative plans. He has told:


- It is impossible to ask, why we put this or that performance. We have problem, a pain. And we on a scene try to answer a question: how to live further. Besides, if we have actor or the actress who are interesting, but are not involved for 100 percent, we search for them for expressive dramatic art.

Theatre the most emotional establishment in the world where talk emotions. In it as in religion, people try to find answers to many questions. At me on a wall opposite to a desktop the picture - " hangs; The Last Supper . I can not tell that I look every day at it, but from time to time I detain the sight. And the most interesting - many disappear why? .