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Why Sakhalin, possessing the richest in the world oil and gas stocks, and did not become the Russian Emirates ?

: Why the budget of the region located over the world`s largest stocks of oil and gas, is imposed with deficiency?

Vladimir Efremov : When the agreement on production section according to which known projects on oil recovery and gas the region under those laws should receive 60 percent from budgetary raw incomes are realised was accepted. Today under the present legislation receives 5 percent from oil and gas. Here to you and the answer.

Certainly, we do not insist on that raw regions were monopolists in rent reception. However what for it is necessary to reconsider prisoners on start of draught agreements, we do not understand.

RG: Nevertheless operators of the project have not taken away from you " so-called fund of development of region, in which only; Sakhalin - 1 for five years will list 100 million dollars. Whether you try to convert this money in precipice overcoming between rich and poor?

Efremov : No. It is Too much holes, including infrastructural, in which money it is necessary to put immediately. The vivid example - housing and communal services. But not only. Still fifteen years ago on Sakhalin was seven tselljulozno - paper industrial complexes, and it were gradoobrazujushchie the enterprises which have nowadays died. Mines have died, workplaces are lost, and this business needs to be reanimated urgently. Roads, pipes, at last, schools and hospitals are necessary. It would be desirable to give, of course, money and to veterans, and pensioners who pay for apartment of 5 thousand at pension in 4 thousand. But if to do nothing in an infrastructure, tariffs become simply transcendental and no pensions, any grants will suffice. Therefore money should to be eaten, and to earn and direct on modernisation of economy of region.

But difficulty that all - taki simply to wait when the infrastructure will exchange, we cannot. Often write that the most expensive city - Moscow. Yes not Moscow, and Southern - Sahalinsk. The Same tvorozhok in Moscow costs 19 roubles, at us - 57. The difference is?

RG : What all - taki the average salary of people which are not connected in any way with raw business?

Efremov : About 7 thousand if to speak about budgetary sphere. Worst of all it is necessary teachers, because doctors at national project realisation Public health services have added to the salaries where - that of thousand on 5.

RG : But such low incomes in a combination to so high prices is it is fraught with social explosion. You realise it?

Efremov : More than, and we are occupied today by working out of economic policy of region till 2010 which should soften these warps.

RG : Without the regional program really anywhere, but after all the centre declares certain special attention to regions of the Far East. Whether Sakhalin is built in these projects?

Efremov : the Program of development of the Far East is accepted, and I hope that there there will be a place not only to island Russian where will take place the international summit. Because to accept the program of development for the sake of the summit - even taking into account that people will use then an infrastructure of island Russian, - probably, short-sighted.

Yes, Sakhalin is formally included in the program of development of the Far East. Positions which concern one municipal union have entered into it, for example. Another matter that while region executive power appears not ready to high-grade participation in it. To enter into the program it is necessary not with inquiries, and with concrete projects, which, obviously, no.

Having incurred executive power function, I will outline only some things which be indispensable in such program should.

Oil. 80 years it is extracted on Sakhalin - and what to sense? From new projects we have only high consumer prices and the prices for real estate. This situation is time for correcting.

Fish is after all our major branch though many do not understand it. The law on fish culture has knocked down our economy, the processing enterprises have died also, coastal fishery is live only.

Tselljulozno - paper branch. I already said that all factories are dead, thus it is clear, that wood business has died also.

Coal. While it goes basically on a covering of internal requirements. We try to take out, but from - for weak ports and the old ships it is more favourable to Japanese to take the Australian coal - leaves more cheaply. So coal needs to be lifted simultaneously with a port economy.

And, of course, it is the bridge, or a tunnel, on continent. We have already begun alteration of a track with the Japanese standard on the all-Russian. Money for it go enormous, and fondly to think that they are spent simply so. Without the bridge or a tunnel we will not survive. We and will suffer from the high prices for everything that is delivered by the sea, and the sea or air to us deliver everything, there is no other way.

RG : whether something Has exchanged in fish branch after a series of scandals in 2002 - 2003?

Efremov: basically in sphere coastal lova. But already thanks to it in a number of areas incomes on 30 - 50 percent are imposed at the expense of fish. Is, however, and the big artels which it is not a shame also to Japanese to show.

Another matter that problems are not solved with official registration of papers on the caught fish, from - for what seamen all - taki prefer to unload in foreign ports. But worst of all affairs in tax sphere are. To begin lov, it is necessary to pay taxes on not caught while fish. And expenses for equipment of a vessel and so are great. Plus the growing prices for fuel. Seamen are tired out in conditions when it is favourable to work only on expensive breeds of fishes and only on the foreigner. Or at the worst it is necessary to carry fish in Moscow suburbs and there to process, as the price for an electricity for Sakhalin eats all incomes. And the region from it loses the added cost. Here also leaves that only small artels to which simply have no place to go work.

RG : In 2005 minister Herman Gref has refused to your region right to create a special economic zone on manners Kalinin - town. How you consider, fairly?

Efremov : There is no saying. The minister wanted a reality. That the Russian Federation that gets region, when and as the special status will start to work loses. As I understand, these calculations to it have not been presented, and with prozhektami he has not wanted to communicate.

In 1997 deputies of the Sakhalin regional Duma have prepared the project of the federal law on special economic zones, have directed it to the State Duma where it is till now. In spite of the fact that other similar law for a long time is passed, so to say, in the version of the government and us time and again asked to withdraw our bill, we did not begin to do it. After all near to us - China which has reached break thanks to special economic zones. And we would like, that the Sakhalin region has repeated this experiment. As our area are the islands isolated from other Russia by natural barriers (as well as the Kaliningrad region cut by borders of the EU countries) and where as not on Sakhalin, it is possible to create the special zone similar Kaliningrad, and it is even better - similar to the Chinese zones. In due time in region there were plans on special customs and tax modes at reception of courts, there were ground plans in Southern - Sahalinske of the international airport who could become a hub for Pacific air traffic. But further plans business is not has gone.

It is possible to accuse someone of it, for example, g - on Gref that has not dared to believe to us. But it is impossible to shut eyes to miscalculations of our own executive power. It is necessary to work. It is necessary to prove, instead of it is simple - give, and there, can, something will turn out .

Here the governor of the Sakhalin region was at an investment exhibition in Cannes...

RG : Where promised to deliver to Cannes on 20 tons of red caviar annually.

Efremov : Yes it is fine... Both calves are not present, and requirements in EU to red caviar at all that in Russia. The main thing another - the governor in Cannes showed the project of creation of a tourist complex in a gulf where today there is a factory on szhizheniju natural gas. Well, frankly, to bathe in the sea even to us, to aboriginals, it is possible ones and a half - two months in a year. Tourism it is good, but it is necessary to correspond and with an environment. It is necessary to be able to isolate the present priorities.

RG : In general to you investors go?

Efremov : In turn do not stand. And one of the reasons I see that the local authorities constantly test certain swayings - instead of developing distinct strategy of development of region.

we Will tell, when oil was cheap, took, have spent the big money to translate municipal services from coal on oil. Now speak - is not present, give all we will win back back. And that the prices for oil change, it even does not come to a head. We constantly twitch there - here, and, probably, a part from Fund of a development of the region, from the dollars mentioned above hundred millions we have paid for these senseless fluctuations.

On the other hand, investors all - taki is, only there are they not to manufacture, and in hotel sector, in building of entertainment complexes. And it is necessary, but it is obviously not enough of it.

RG : How at you with gasification?

Efremov : At me, even at me, clearness is not present. The administration is engaged in it or is not engaged, I will not understand. We invited time and again representatives of administration to the sessions, insisted that it is questions priority. Return from conversations I do not see.

And in general a situation with gas the abnormal. In due time, when have opened gas on Sakhalin, have decided it to start up to Khabarovsk territory as more developed region where there is an all-the-year-round consumer - the industry. Sakhalin till now without gas. Next year gas should appear in the south of island, at factory SPG - the first in Russia, and whether will get the population access to gas - clearness is not present. While clearly one: there are small deposits of local value, old and only still reconnoitered, they work on the population. Literally one of these days the decision to allocate 240 million roubles from the budget is accepted to master the Peter and Paul deposit the licence on which belongs to the Sakhalin oil company. But God grant, that this gas has sufficed on area capital.

RG : What demographic situation in region?

Efremov : In spite of the fact that the average salary in area makes 21 thousand roubles, people continue to leave with rate approximately 5 thousand persons a year, that is for a year we lose one percent of the population. Certainly, motives of departure can be different, and dynamics of entrance has essentially improved, but it disturbs.

As to Kuriles, there it is necessary to create workplaces simply. On Kuriles always there was a seasonal prevalence. Now we from it leave. First of all it is a question of the program of development of Kuriles on which it is released 17 billion roubles. They will go first of all on infrastructure development: has not put, when people on islands are torn off from continent weeks from - for weathers.

to Take, for example, shabby habitation. At us it is a lot of it, because islands were built up, we will tell so, counting on the favourite, on vahtovyj a method. To suffer barracks which it is a lot of even in regional capital, it is impossible more.

RG : In what so-called cartographical aggression of Japan which so often remember recently, and especially on Sakhalin, in your opinion, is shown?

Efremov : Disturbs that all official cards which are issued in Japan and even in Europe, specify in a Japanese accessory of so-called disputable islands (Kuriles). It is traced even on such documents as packings of fish where it is shown, in what region it is caught. So, through fish, at Japanese the opinion that an accessory of these islands of Russia - the phenomenon time is formed. Water sharpens a stone - and Japanese count on it.

But business is not settled by pictures. You perfectly know that in Japan the committee on northern territories which spends demonstrations is created and works with those people who go from Russia to Japan and back on a visa-free exchange. By the way, Japanese comes approximately three times more than Russians there that also directs at reflexions.

Now when the government of Russia has allocated essential money for the program of development of Kuriles, the trump - ostensibly " leaves; Russia these islands is not necessary, it not in a condition to master them . As a result pressure amplifies, and there are directly ugly things when, for example, to heads of the large Kuril enterprises refuse the Japanese visa.

RG : What offers are stated by deputies of the Sakhalin regional Duma?

Efremov : Deputies are consecutive in the requirements. For many of us Sakhalin and Kuriles - it is not simple the small native land and - the Native land. We carried out parliamentary hearings where insisted on a recognition Japan the international contracts confirming historically that Kuriles are the Russian earth. We let know that if to go by the way of shaking of norms of international law after Kuriles Kaliningrad becomes disputable territory, for example. On the contrary, stability in this question will do good including to Japan.

RG : whether deputies Agree, what the card - the scheme, especially in the newspaper or in a commercial, cannot repeat a strict map? Whether it is not necessary to the Sakhalin Duma to prepare a typical breadboard model of such simplified scheme recommended to using in the applied purposes, for example for weather forecast cards?

Efremov : the Card and the scheme, of course, differ. It is impossible to defend necessity of display of all of 59 islands, say, on a weather forecast card. And, of course, we shortly will develop such typical scheme. We understand that the Russian mass-media do not begin to support meaningly cartographical aggression, and matter is not in malicious intention, and in accident.