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To churches have changed the financial reporting form

It is signed governmental decision N 213 About modification of the governmental order of the Russian Federation from April, 15th, 2006 N 212 .

we will remind that in December of last year representatives of traditional faiths of Russia have applied to the president and to the government - to cancel the new form of the reporting of the religious organisations which have fallen under action of the Law About the noncommercial organisations which obliges clerics to give in Rosregistratsiju the data about that, how many believers were visited by divine service who and how many has offered money.

Governmental decree N 212 has obliged the religious organisations along with others NKO to give the detailed report on the financial activity also in Federal registration service (Rosregistratsija), it should supervise now financial streams in church. Thus that the religious organisations report to tax departments.

Indignation and bewilderment concerning duplication of control functions were stated by representatives of Protestant churches, in their opinion, financial life of church is transparent enough and postatejno is supervised by tax specialists. Believers are revolted as well by necessity to give in Rosregistratsiju the data about all actions and projects and to specify quantity of people, their visited. They regard it as intervention in internal life of church and consider that for such reporting there are also ethical restrictions.

In the new decision it is told: the noncommercial organisation are supplemented with words (except for the religious organisation) .

has applied to comment on the new decision to diakonu to Andrey Kuraev :

- I think, when decision N 212 prepared, authors have simply forgotten it about existence of the religious organisations, - the cleric speaks. - as a result there was such intrusion into sphere of service of religious communities of which was not even in Soviet period in the Soviet legislation. If literally to remember the decision the closed meetings of religious communities would be excluded, for example, where the sacrament is made and where members of this community are supposed only. It would be necessary to give the information on all members of religious communities, on all made sacraments. That is intimacy and anonymity of participation of people in religious life would be liquidated. Within a year there were negotiations between a patriarchy and the government, and eventually the government has understood truth of a position of religious communities, and not only Russian Orthodox Church, but also other churches because here all religious departments were absolutely uniform. Now the rights are restored, the error is corrected, all was normalised.