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To illegal racers have promised a line

the Occasion to a similar meeting more than approaching: from April, 23 till April, 29th there will pass the First Global week of safety of traffic of the United Nations. In Russia within the limits of this action there will pass the youth public action I choose safety on roads . On a meeting with representatives of the road and city power there have arrived really all clubs of illegal racers. They are ready to take part in this action. As they said, they are ready to leave alone life of a night city. To them has bothered to bury the companions. But not to vanish passions to mad quantity of horses under a cowl. So, the place where they can legally drive is required. Observing, of course, all security measures.

And such place was promised to them. Directly in Tushinsky airdrome. By words vitse - the mayor of Moscow Valery Vinogradova, the line will be already ready in May of this year. It is necessary to create comfortable conditions both for participants of races, and for spectators. In particular, near a line spectator tribunes are constructed, is planned to organise a parking, the enterprise fast - fud and a disco. In opinion vitse - the mayor, in the afternoon on autodrome it would be possible to conduct fact-finding lessons with children and teenagers, to open driving school, to organise competitions and quizes on automobile subjects. Thus, Vinogradov, an extreme/ " considers; night racers/ will consist not in resistance to the authorities, and in atmosphere sorevnovatelnosti.

the Definitive project of object/ Tushinsky airdrome/ it is not confirmed yet by the government of Moscow. It will be divided between enough considerable quantity of the different organisations. But considerable enough part will belong to Federation of automobile sports, the chief of department of safety of traffic Victor Kiryanov heads which.

He has informed that the working group which will be engaged in the organisation of the authorised races, competitions will be generated.

- the New line will help to avoid unapproved night races on the Moscow streets, - Victor Kiryanov has informed. Is will help to raise safety, to make so that on roads not gibli young children and little girls.

He considers that now racers will help with State traffic inspectorate work, instead of to deliver to inspectors additional efforts by unapproved actions.