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The mayor of Nagasaki became a victim of gangsters

to Ittio Ito held a planned meeting during the election campaign. It was popular in the people which trusted it a post of the head of city administration three times. Ito was going to go for the fourth term. Elections should pass on April, 22nd.

But two bullets which have been let out from a revolver in a back of the mayor in the street near its office, have put an end actually in election campaign. At the moment of attempt of Ittio Ito addressed to voters. Messages arrive that the mayor is in a condition of clinical death. As representatives of city administration have informed, at 61 - summer Ito there was a cardiac arrest.

Attacking has used that circumstance that the town governor showed obvious a negligence in questions of maintenance of own safety. Any requests for strengthening of protection from it never arrived. It has allowed the criminal to come nearer on enough short distance to the head of Nagasaki. Shooting have seized on a place and have handed over to the police. It has appeared it 59 - summer Tetsuja Siro. It had a conflict to the authorities of Nagasaki at reception podrjada for civil work which were financed from the local budget. Though anybody from an environment of Ittio Ito did not hear earlier about any threats to the mayor.

It any more the first attempt in the history of a city on the head of Nagasaki. In 1990 the mayor of Nagasaki Hitosi Motosima was seriously injured the far right extremist. An occasion to attempt refusal of the head of city administration began to apologise for the words that emperor Hirohito bears partial responsibility for aggressive actions of Japan to and during the Second World War.

Prime minister Sindzo Abe has expressed hope that in a course of careful investigation all truth " will be established;.