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Andrey Konchalovsky removes a clip to Dime Bilan

Konchalovsky says that earlier people came on a film session behind pure water, and now - behind aerated water. And, probably, also behind luster.

In a soundtrack to a film Luster Dima Bilan will sing two songs: My dear Muscovites and O Sole Mio . Yesterday Konchalovsky just removed a clip on the first of these songs. Dima in rare model Cadillac release of 1962 started at hotel Ukraine then has swept on the Garden ring and Arbatu. Stoppers did not confuse a star, as its car were accompanied by the traffic police car. In the street Dima sent to motorists and gapers air kisses and shouted: My dear Muscovites! that public obviously pleased. Special instructions on work in a shot it was not required to Bilan. Konchalovsky`s main requirement - Dima should be natural and in high spirits, sometimes jumps up in Cadillac and on - patsanski to twist a jacket over a head. All is the actor with success and has shown to expensive Muscovites together with to guest workers who even have thrown hotel repair Ukraine to take a look at a suntanned star.

- Dimy Bilan`s Two songs - picture symbols Luster - Andrey Konchalovsky, - " has told to journalists; O Sole Mio - symbolises melancholy on to foreign dream which lives in many our people, and My dear Muscovites - a song nostalgic. This song - a masterpiece though many of its young men any more do not remember.

Vybor Dimy Bilan as executor of a soundtrack to to Luster Konchalovsky considers natural, after all Dima for today the glossiest actor.

Both songs of a soundtrack will begin to sound in the Latin American rhythms. And here the director though has shot film about a glamour, this style of life especially does not favour.

- I wanted to show in a film, how much glossy dream is now attractive to capital inhabitants. People dream of trousers haute couture, cannot allow them to itself and consequently go in fakes. The idea of luster has taken hold of minds of people, and it it is not so important, in what ways they earn money. The main thing - to grow rich. The person should be vain, but after all it is important, as he achieves success and than he should endow for this purpose. Heroes of a picture are connected with the world of glossy magazines and fashions, and this social class grows now by leaps and bounds. All to it worship, but after all people from luster have a happiness and misfortune. I want, that the film has caused in people laughter, horror and the compassion, those emotions which were the main things at the time of Ancient Greek tragedies. Musical statement " will be the following my work; The nutcracker under my scenario. Arrangement of music of Tchaikovsky will be made by Edward Artemyev, and will remove in Budapest.