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Observer Irina Krasnopolsky has received the honourable medical award

Yesterday an observer Irina Krasnopolsky has received the higher award of the Center warmly - vascular surgery of a name of Bakuleva - a medal of the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science V.I.Burakovsky.


the Medal was handed over by the head of centre Leo Bokerija, having underlined that Irina Grigorevna - the first journalist who has received this honourable medical award. It works in journalism as the physician, starts with a principle - do not do much harm, the head physician 1 - j Town hospital Oleg Rutkovsky considers.

- Krasnopolsky you trust! Its each publication - a surprising victory of result over bezrezultativnostju, - agrees with the colleague the head of the State centre of science of social and judicial psychiatry of a name Serbian Tatyana Dmitriev.

According to the head of department of public health services of Moscow Andrey Seltsovsky, Irina Krasnopolsky perfectly understands not only problems of the organisation of public health services, but also in especially medical questions.

- If she considers that someone commits an error, will give out it is to any irrespective of its post and a rank. Personally I many times from it heard: I with you do not agree - he tells.

the Head physician of oncological hospital N 62 Anatoly Mahson sees in Irina Grigorevne the person irrepressible energy and amazing responsiveness which helps many people absolutely disinterestedly.

Tomorrow all colour of domestic medicine, academicians and member-correspondents will come to us in to congratulate the high quality journalist with an anniversary.