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In Karachaevske the conflict proceeds from - for elections of the mayor

The day before electronic means in weight of the information have spread informations that on May, 14th there was a capture of an office of the head of city administration. Ostensibly supporters of the candidate in mayors of Magomeda Botasheva have rushed to fulfilling duties of mayor Hadzhi - Islamu Lepshokovu and have refused to leave a building, have gone on hunger strike, demanding to recognise as the winner on elections of mayor Botasheva.

we Will remind that elections of mayor Karachaevska have taken place on March, 11th this year. However as a result of the fixed numerous infringements on March, 20th the republican election committee recognised results of elections void.

on April, 20th the Supreme court KCHR has passed of this year the decision in which has obliged electoral committee to establish results of voting and to define results of elections of mayor Karachaevska. The republican electoral committee has requested all documentation on city polling district of city Office of Public Prosecutor. However representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor have declared that all documentation including ballots on a site, is a part of criminal case and before end of investigation documents in resizbirkom will not be transferred. So a situation with the head of city administration Karachaevska zavisla.

- No capture of a building of the mayoralty existed, - the assistant to head of administration Karachaevska Omar Besleneev confirms. - And no meeting with participation of 200 persons dissatisfied with results of elections, too existed. Probably, something such also was planned, but, thank God, meanwhile all is quiet.

on May, 14th and. The island of the head of city administration Hadzhi - Islam of Lepshokova were really visited by delegation of women. They demanded to sum up voting in city municipal district and to recognise as mayor Karachaevska Magomeda Botasheva. Reception was a little tightened, visitors have left Lepshokova only in the late evening. However it managed to convince them that he is not competent to solve this question.