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As Moscow solves a room question

Building of new habitation in Moscow will exceed the planned volumes this year - the same as and in the past. It was declared by the first deputy of the mayor of Moscow, the head city strojkompleksa Vladimir Resin. As he said, today the capital available housing makes more than 200 million square metres, and its gain year from a year increases.

According to the mayoralty, in 2003 it has been constructed 4,7 million square metres of habitation, in 2004 and 2005 - on 4,8 million square metres, and last year capital builders were ahead of schedule, having put into operation 5,3 million square metres. And though this year is planned to construct 4,8 million square metres of habitation, speech about decrease in volumes of building does not go. in 2006 it has been planned 4,83 million square metres, but have constructed it is more, the same can be and this year - Resin has underlined.

the Moscow authorities not only step up input in a system of new habitation. More and more apartments in new buildings surrenders specially for Muscovites, and for their least protected part. According to Resin if last year on social needs has gone 1,8 million square metres of habitation (that is 34 percent from all constructed) this year it are planned already 2,23 million square metres (or 46,5 percent from building total amount). First of all prevalence of the city order at habitation building allows to expand a social mortgage. According to the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, it will lead to reduction of prices on apartments.

the Mayor is assured that activization of a social mortgage has already yielded the results. the firms tracing cost of habitation, mark small reduction of prices. Therefore this tendency should be continued and to become one of priority our problems the next five years - he has noted.

the Social mortgage - the invention rather new. It has started to work in Moscow in 2005. However the first results have appeared are so good that last year this mechanism has been accepted to work and in other regions - already within the limits of the presidential national project Accessible and comfortable habitation - to citizens of Russia . The reason so a wide circulation of a social mortgage that it is much more accessible to broad masses, than a usual, commercial mortgage.

According to supervising nats - projects of the first vitse - prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, in 2006 in Russia it has been given out 206 thousand mortgage loans for the sum of 260 billion roubles that in 2,5 times exceeds the planned volume. However the in itself commercial mortgage is extended very non-uniformly. So, if in 2005 on five large regions which concern Moscow, St.-Petersburg, the Moscow, Leningrad and Tyumen areas, had every fifth given out mortgage loan, in 2006 - already every fourth. The main reason of such disbalance, according to Dmitry Medvedev, in inaccessibility of usual credits to the majority of people. As he said, now only possibility to use mortgage loans has 10 percent of the population of the country. In the long term, has underlined the first vitse - the prime minister, this indicator should be increased at least to 17 percent.

Than the social mortgage can help business? Its difference from the usual consists that houses for this program are under construction by request of local authorities. Then participants of a social mortgage buy habitation from a city under the investment cost price. Besides, concessionary terms of reception of the credit in mortgage agency are provided: The credit is given for the big period of time under low percent.

Today rates on a commercial mortgage exceed 10 - 11 annual interest rates that is too expensive for the majority of townspeople, as well as an initial payment in 25 - 30 percent from the price of new apartment. However at the expense of guarantees and city grants this problem has been solved. we already managed to achieve essential decrease in the size of an initial payment for the habitation got by means of this mechanism. Decrease in the interest rate to 6 - 7 annual interest rates " is in the long term possible; - Resin marks.

the City authorities hope that at such rates buy habitation all townspeople, capable to work and earn - let even in the budgetary organisations can. For today the social mortgage is intended for exempts, especially those who waits for the turn on free habitation. Many persons included in a waiting list have taken a place in turn at the Soviet power, however the social mortgage allows to accelerate apartment reception. Thus, even expensive capital habitation becomes to accessible least protected categories of Muscovites. For this purpose also the housing national project has been created: the habitation should be not so much cheap, how many accessible and qualitative.

the City authorities do not forget and about those it is difficult to whom to earn on payments even on a social mortgage. For some groups of Muscovites are provided even more special mortgage lending conditions. For example, the program the Young family provides not only a smaller initial payment, but also more sparing the interest rate. Besides, at a birth of each following child the part of a debt of a young family before the city budget is written off.

the Moscow authorities promise that in the future volumes of housing programmes - such as a social mortgage and Young family - will grow only. Vladimir Resin has reminded that for realisation of programs of a social mortgage and the Young family in 2007 it is planned to allocate an order 300 - 350 thousand square metres of habitation, in 2008 - 350 - 450 thousand. However it is far not a limit. further - it is even more - head strojkompleksa has underlined.