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In Switzerland the court over aviadispatchers

Any the definitive judicial decision begins, it is obvious that process anyway will appear extremely scandalous.

the Swiss Office of Public Prosecutor considers defendants guilty of negligent attitude to official duties that became a cause of the tragedy over Boden sea in July, 2002. That day there was a collision of the Russian passenger plane They be 154 the Bashkir airlines with the cargo Boeing - 747. As a result was lost 71 persons. Including 49 children from Russia.

Before court there were three supervising employees SkajGajda four technical experts and one dispatcher. To relatives of victims, however, probably, it is not necessary to count that the local Office of Public Prosecutor begins to achieve severe punishment of the guilty. Charge demands for employees Skajgajda punishments in the form of imprisonment for the minimum term - from 6 till 15 months.

And the consequence has established that responsibility for an air crash is born by dispatchers Skajgajda which have not provided safe corridors for flight of the faced planes. In 20 - the page text of the bill of particulars it is told about fatal confluence of some factors - technical malfunctions and a negligence of the personnel on duty in that day Skajgajda that, actually, also has led to tragedy.

In particular, it is established that aviadispatcher Peter Nilsen, from - for which errors there was a collision, there was one behind the control panel. While its workmate has left to sleep. For a dream at night when there was a tragedy, it is threatened with the conclusion for a period of eight months.

the Situation was aggravated with that a radar worked in the limited mode in connection with carrying out of preventive works. The system of optical control in general has been disconnected, and special lines of a radio communication with planes worked with faults. By the way, seven of eight accused of murder on a negligence remain till now employees Skajgajda .

the Office of Public Prosecutor has found out that technical employees of the company (it threatens about twelve months of prison) have left not finished is repair - preventive works, and dispatchers have not familiarised in advance with expecting them during watch by technical problems. Though, having come to work, should pay attention that technicians work with the equipment .

Besides eight accused which have appeared yesterday before court, on a dock it should appear and the main originator of tragedy Peter Nilsen. However in February, 2004 he has been killed. In this crime the Swiss court recognised as guilty Russian Vitaly Kaloyev who in accident over Boden sea has lost the wife and two children. In October, 2005 Kaloyev has been sentenced to eight years of imprisonment.

it is obvious that two weeks during which there will be a court, events over Boden sea it is again strong will settle on the front pages of the European mass-media. In Bjulah has arrived so many journalists that business have decided to consider in specially rented more spacious hall. It is not excluded that as a result, taking into account huge interest to process, the judge nevertheless will take out more severe, than prison half a year, a sentence the accused. It is expected that the court in Bjulahe will last till May, 31st.

That will solve court?

Zulfat Hammatov,
the employee of governmental body of Republic Bashkiria, the chairman of the Bashkir republican public organisation Relatives of victims in an air crash on July, 2nd, 2002 - Flight N 2937 :

- On the beginning of session we were informed by our lawyers. Next Saturday I and two other representatives of relatives of victims we take off in Bjulah where since May, 20th we will participate in judicial session.

we Expect from the Swiss justice of the fair decision and, certainly, we will compare the judicial approach to Vitaly Kaloyev whom have condemned for 8 years, and to employees of firm Skajgajd .

Meanwhile we do not see on a dock of the person as which we consider as the main originator of tragedy - the head Skajgajd Alena Rosse. To shift all blame on ordinary workers and dispatchers - injustice top.

Rome Sufijanov,
the chief executive of Committee of Republic Bashkortostan on UNESCO affairs:

- the Final decision, of course, will take out court, but we consider that on a bench of respondents there were minor persons, small fries. Alain Rosse who was then the general director of the company " should be the main figure among defendants; Skajgajd . Besides, as the company for 99 percent belongs to the state, on a bench of respondents should appear and representatives of the Swiss Confederation. Punishment guilty of tragedy should be adequate to a criminal conduct. And imprisonment terms - from 6 till 15 months of which are demanded by the Swiss Office of Public Prosecutor, if employees Skajgajd will be recognised by guilty, - in our opinion, are absurd and ridiculous.

Arthur Asafev, Ufa

Has prepared