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Are detained suspected of a cafe arson in Orsk

- According to preliminary data, the crime in Orsk is opened, - Galina Majorova has declared yesterday in conversation with the correspondent the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Orenburg region.

As already informed yesterday, on the night of May, 14th in the market Northern Orsk has burnt down cafe Amber . Firemen, having extinguished the flame which has burnt and Amber and the next bar, during analysis of the rests of the premise built from metal professional sheet, bodies of ten victims have found out. According to Galina Majorovoj, versions about dismantlings in the Armenian diaspora and about an act of terrorism as about causes of death of people have not proved to be true. A crime to banality the household. All victims - seven women and three men 1983 - 1990 of a birth - have died as a result of a poisoning with carbonic oxide.

it is Literally in a day after awful state of emergency, on an outcome black Monday Two cafes suspected of an arson " have been detained; Amber . One of them - 42 - the summer local resident - has told that on Sunday 13 - go had a rest in cafe. It had a quarrel with the company of young men, something marking in the same institution. When offenders have decided to replace vacation spot and have moved in Amber it has tracked their way, has run on the nearest autorefuelling and has returned with the gasoline canister...

In regional Office of Public Prosecutor say that while arrested persons pass in quality of suspects under Criminal code article 105 - the Murder of two or more persons made obshcheopasnym in the way .