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Alexander Rar: Moscow should make concessions to Bruxelles

Alexander Rar , the expert of the German Council about foreign policy:

- If the contract on cooperation and partnership will not be perepodpisan, the legal base will be gone in relations between Russia and EU also.

Causes the big concern that Russia leaves many contracts, does not sign the Power charter. Thus new agreements do not prepare. Thereby Moscow and Bruxelles appear in institutional vacuum which divides Russia and the European Union into two opposite poles.

the Problem of the Polish meat which costs in the foreground in negotiations between EU and Russia, actually is a pretext for absolutely other games which occur behind side scenes. It is a question of that Poland from - for the positions on meat has put a veto for all questions of the further cooperation between Moscow and Bruxelles. This Warsaw has destroyed German east policy, which has been aimed at pulling together Russia and Uniform Europe.

Poles by means of the veto have forced Germany as the chairman of EU, to protect exclusively interests east - the European countries to the detriment of realisation successful Russian - the European cooperation. There are bases to believe that as soon as the German presidency in EU will end, Poland will withdraw the veto and will give Portugal the right to carry on negotiations with Russia. But these negotiations will be already less productive as Lisbon unlike Berlin is not so interested in an establishment close and close relations between Russia and the European Union.

In the present state of affairs Russia should concede to requirements of EU and to begin purchases of the Polish meat. Thereby Moscow could give Germany historical chance for the remained five weeks to rescue strategic partnership between Europe and Russia.

During German predsedatelstvovanija in EU it would be easier to Moscow to defend the interests, than during any other period. But time leaves.

Now relations with Russia became an occasion to split of Europe. The same split was observed in 2003 from - for the begun military operations of the USA in Iraq. Conflicts between Russia and EU get more and more world outlook character. It was shown by disagreements round Estonian monument to the Soldier - to the liberator. And the possible failure of the summit Russia - EU in general can become the present tragedy for Russian - the European relations and even the beginning new cold war in Europe.