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Krasnoyarsk: the mayor has urged townspeople to try and increase birth rate

the Report for Peter Pimashkova was already the tenth on a post of the head of Krasnoyarsk. In spite of the fact that some deputies named its a little optimistical, and plans - ambitious, predictably, they have positively estimated work of executive power of a city. Peter Pimashkova`s report interrupted time and again a burst of applause.

In the prologue the mayor has designated city common positions.

- Krasnoyarsk has typed rates of increase of economy necessary for a sustainable development, has strengthened potential of social sphere and on a number of directions has taken leading positions among the Russian cities, - Peter Pimashkov has noted. - Today the regional centre is in the lead on industrial output release, volumes of building of habitation on one inhabitant, to a turn of retail trade, investments into fixed capital. Such results are reached thanks to precisely chosen priorities: Economic growth, effective address social policy and improvement of quality of the city environment.

the Report has been broken into sections on branches. There has begun the head of Krasnoyarsk with economy.

- last year the volume of investments into fixed capital has made 28 billion roubles, - Peter Pimashkov has informed. - the Turn of the Krasnoyarsk enterprises has increased by 26 percent. Nonferrous metallurgy, manufacture of cellulose and a paper, cement, foodstuff, publishing are in the lead. Good positions at Krasnoyarsk in high technologies, the space industry, power. In 2006 the turn of retail trade in a city has increased by 22 percent and has made 85 billion roubles. The small-scale business share grows in economy of the regional centre. Today on this segment it is necessary 44 percent from a total turn. In comparison with 2005 for 30 percent tax revenues in the city budget have grown. In 2006 they have made 14,5 billion roubles.

the Economic section of questions has not caused in deputies. Unlike building. After the report on achievements in a building complex Peter Pimashkovu had to tell and about problems.
- in 2006 in a city 100 apartment houses have been entered by a total area of 810 thousand square metres, - the mayor has told. - speaking in images, for a year we have constructed Divnogorsk. It is the good result for history of Krasnoyarsk. In 2007 we intend to leave on a new boundary - 900 thousand square metres. The task in view - completely to pass to complex building. It is necessary to leave from standard decisions: each new house should decorate a city. For this purpose in Krasnoyarsk it is planned to spend scale architectural discussions following the results of which the program " will be developed; the New Krasnoyarsk house .

There and then to the mayor have been set patients questions on resettlement from shabby both apartment houses and a condition of city hostels.

- it is valid, for us this big problem, - Pimashkov has agreed. - the Regional budget of means for these purposes to us practically does not allocate. It is necessary to count only on the forces. This year it is planned to move 130 families from two-storeyed houses along the street Miners in Pokrovka. Hostels - even more a thorny question. They have been transferred in due time to balance of a city by the various enterprises. In a city now more than 90 hostels, and many of them are in a depressing condition. Their tenants ask to give out them warrants on habitation. In it they are supported by Office of Public Prosecutor and courts. But to give to hostels the status of apartment houses, it is necessary to execute tens requirements. On it at us no means will suffice.

Many questions have been set and concerning a city accomplishment. Deputy Alexander Gantimurov has paid attention of the mayor to a condition of city suburbs.

- the City centre shines fires, and on suburbs - pitch darkness, roads to an awful condition, - the people`s choice has noticed.

Pimashkov has objected.

- It agree: problems on suburbs more than in city centre. But to say that is not given to them of any attention, - a lie. For example, in 2005 70 percent of means for an accomplishment it has been directed to Lenin, Kirov and Sverdlovsk areas. Top Cheremushki develop. The engineering infrastructure in Solar is put in order. Have begun approach to Nikolaevka. This year labour groups basically will work on suburbs. Streets there we will clean, and where it is possible, and we will asphalt.

the Mayor has underlined that the mayoralty intends to toughen requirements to quality of the city environment.

- Inhabitants Northern and Vzletki complain that these microdistricts are not planted trees and shrubs, - Pimashkov has told. - conversations Go that there in general anything cannot grow. I admit: we have committed the big error when have assigned gardening to builders. They have concerned this work carelessly. Landed saplings 70 percent from which perished at once. Now experts from a municipal government of green building will be engaged in it. I want to notice that in a city it will not be more constructed any new pavilion, a stall and autorefuelling, and illegally erected objects we will take down.

the mayor is a lot of attention has given to development of transport system of a city.

- There is a cardinal reconstruction of a high system, - the mayor has informed. - the transport park Is updated. In 2006 commercial carriers have got 124 buses big and middle class. This year it is planned to buy 500 more, half - at the expense of municipality, the others - on means of private investors. Contrary to hearings, we do not forget and about electric transport. In the future it is planned to open some new trolleybus routes, including through the October bridge.

Peter Pimashkov and problems of deficiency of places in kindergartens Has concerned.

- Any inhabited quarter in a city henceforth will not be put into operation without kindergartens, - he has underlined. - their builders will erect to own means, and municipality them then will gradually redeem.

In the end of the report the mayor presented the new project.

- the fantastic program Is ready new ambitious, but not, - he has informed. - we have entitled it - One million . Next year in Krasnoyarsk we will land one million tulips is the first step. The second stage - erection in a city of one million square metres of habitation in a year. Well and by 2010 we are going to register the million inhabitant of the regional centre.

From a hall the question was distributed: at the expense of what?

- Not at the expense of joining to Krasnoyarsk next cities and areas, - the mayor has noted. - process this difficult. For this purpose the regional centre will not apply any administrative levers. And that conversations already go: Pimashkov at the expense of joining for new term will go. A lie. If there will be a desire to join the regional centre, will hold referenda. Well, and on a million boundary we leave at the expense of birth rate increase. Here all of us should try properly.