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The director SHreka the Third Chris Miller: We did a film on which would like to go

On screens there is a third part of animation sensation - a film SHrek about the green freak love to which all age have appeared are obedient. This fairy tale - a parody took spectators talent and wit of its authors. However already to the third part in its command there was a changing of the guard: director Andrew Adamson was engaged in other project, and it was replaced on this post by a script writer Chris Miller.



Chris Miller | Andrew removes the Prince Caspian but it remained with us as the executive producer. Its presence always very much helps.

| you are capable to talk voices at once all characters of the film and often were the partner of stars sounding it. Say even, what you alone could play all heroes, - so?

Miller | Well, such film hardly could entertain someone. Though, of course, in it there is any psychosis - as if you sit in a room and talk to heroes of a picture. We have very much approached with them, it is necessary to tell.

RG | As to you it was worked with Mike Myers who has sounded Shreka?

Miller | When Mike plays Shreka - I, unfortunately, I play its Fionu. Unfortunately, because, when I try to represent it, to it happens very difficultly not to sprinkle. Especially when I have informed it that I wait for the child. It was the compelled partnership: we after all wrote down actors separately because there was no possibility to gather all these stars. Also it would be desirable, but it is impossible: at all very intense schedules. Even two actors to collect in one studio it was difficult, and always it was necessary to submit for someone remarks. It, truth, helped me as director to search for a key to characters. But one only ozvuchanie a film has taken two and a half a year if it is no more.

RG | And all work over SHrekom the Third ?

Miller | I have finished the scenario of the third part in the summer of 2003, for nine months before release on the screen SHreka - 2 . And started with this project in the beginning 2004 - go.

RG | It, probably, means that while SHrek the Third prepares for a premiere, the fourth part is already started also?

Miller | At least already develop a plot. Still early to speak, but it is in general already clear, about what it will be.

RG | the First SHreka public has accepted with huge enthusiasm, and from the further series all waited very many. It has complicated your work?

Miller | was most difficult just with the first film: We just searched for characters of heroes and thought out all this history. And now it was most difficult to continue it so that it was on - former interesting. We at all very much cared of that there was a comedy because napridumyvali one thousand characters, it is necessary to master everyone! And, of course, it is more difficult to do all so that each of heroes which all have fallen in love, has had an opportunity to bring in history of Shreka any new contribution. In this sense the first film was gave to us really easier: there there was no such army of characters.

RG | In SHrekah you parody set of known fairy tales. And here it is necessary to begin - it was necessary to you of as - that to limit?

Miller | Certainly, with popular characters it is very interesting to play, them to shovel, transform them in something absolutely another. It easy as a pie - to improvise on another`s themes, but it was necessary myself osekat because all of us - taki made history about Shreke. It the character ridiculous in itself, but at it is also the emotional life.

RG | As you think, why all so have fallen in love with this green freak?

Miller | It the typical derelict and the outsider, but very brave both self-confident. And fair in relation to itself. Such it is capable to taxi from any situation. But in it many the vulnerable parties with which spectators can sympathise because are that.

RG | It is said that in the USA the television double " is already planned; SHreka .

Miller | This such special show which leaves by Christmas, but I do not concern it. However, which - that from removed already saw - on - to mine, remarkably.

RG | to Sound a role of Arti in SHreke the Third the priest - an idol Justin Timberlejk has been invited. Why it?

Miller | has offered It the producer of a film Jeffrey Katsenberg still three years ago when Justin and did not think of actor`s career. I knew it as the singer and the author of songs so the idea of Katsenberga has confused me. But Jeffrey has shown teleshow record in the Friday evening, alive and there Justin was magnificent, on what we were immediately bought. In its voice something was. As a result the idea to collect in one company of Scot Shreka, the Spanish Cat and this fellow from Tennessee very much was pleasant to us.

RG | Films about Shreke became sensation, them even showed in competition of the Cannes festival. What essentially new they have brought in the animation world?

Miller | In - the first, it was technological jerk. In - the second, usually people are involved with beautiful characters, and here all have fallen in love with the freak. We did such film on which would like to go which would be pleasant to ourselves. That, I think, the first and main condition of any creativity. This picture has returned ourselves in the childhood and consequently it should be pleasant to children.

RG | Who posesses idea to use in a scene with Belosnezhkoj group Led Zeppelin The Immigrant Song song?

Miller | Is that case when at first there was a song, and from it there was also a scene. I would like where - nibud to use for a long time The Immigrant Song, but it was not so - that simply. I had no concept, how many it will cost, was afraid even to ask about it.

RG | By the way, about copyrights: and you had to request the permission to use of known fantastic characters - Belosnezhki, Three Pigs and others?

Miller | Laws on these rights - very strange area which I never could understand up to the end. On - to mine, everyone has the right to make cinema about Belosnezhku: she is absolutely folklore heroine, and a question only in what it will appear in what it is dressed, on what is similar. In our film, for example, it with a tattoo on a shoulder.

RG | At you with authors of competing animation pictures of type Do feet there was something like friendly rivalry?

Miller | very much is pleasant To me this film. And this happy rivalry. I well know children from studio Piksar to school went with many together. I love their films and it is glad to their success.

RG | But the market of animation pictures becomes close - unless not so?

Miller | Perhaps. Though the place while suffices all.

RG | the Fourth film about Shreke will be removed too by you?

Miller | it is possible. But after such marathon with the third series I need to have a rest a little at first.