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Turkish armies prepare for intrusion into Iraq

In the Near East, seemingly, there was one more centre of intensity.

Turkish military command has concentrated in east part of the country on all extent of border with Iraq 50 - thousand army, hundreds tanks and artillery pieces. Ankara performs large-scale operation against the armed groups of the Kurdish separatists operating on behalf of the Kurdish workers` party (KRP). The declared purpose of operation - liquidation of the strengthened bases of insurgents in east provinces of republic and prevention of their penetration on Turkish territory from the next Iraq Kurdistan. In these areas violent fighting was developed, both parties sustain losses.

the Turkish army widely applies heavy machinery and fighting helicopters. The separatists who have become stronger in remote mountain areas, suit ambushes, attack from - for a corner, make diversions against the industrial enterprises, state institutions and tourist objects.

That inflaming, calming down, guerrilla war in the east of Turkey proceeds more than 30 years. In this time it has carried away lives almost 40 thousand persons. The areas captured by operations some millions inhabitants, basically have left Kurds who have settled in Istanbul and Izmir, or have emigrated to Europe. The Kurdish workers` party repeatedly unilaterally stopped operations and suggested Ankara to begin negotiations about a peace solution of a problem, thus without insisting on creation of the independent Kurdish state.

But Turkey resolutely rejected all these gestures of reconciliation. In struggle against Kurdish insurgents the Turkish army repeatedly interfered in northern areas of Iraq where at KRP there are rear bases and training camp.

Turkish political scientists have informed that present operation in the east has completely not casually coincided with the crisis which has burst in the country in connection with elections of the new president.

Renounced a part of the power as a result of party in power reforms, the Turkish military top tries successful operation against Kurdish terrorists to support the authority on a society, taking an original revenge. In Turkish mass-media the attention to the question is brought, whether will intrude and this time Turkish armies in the next Iraq. And the answer to it is given the ambiguous. The part of political scientists and observers consider that the USA for which in Iraq Kurds are the trustworthy aliens, can give otmashku on the limited intrusion to finish with KRP as which they consider as the terrorist organisation. The chief of Turkish Joint Staff Jashar Bjujukanyt has declared that such operation it is expedient but for it it is required the political decision That is the decision of the present government.

Other part believes that the USA approve actions of Turkish army in Turkish territory, but object to Turkish intrusion on the north of Iraq as do not want to risk support of the Iraq Kurds which have already sharply spoken against occurrence of Turkish armies in territory supervised by them.

By the way

the Proislamic party Correcting in Turkey would not like to interfere with the conflict in the next Muslim country. It has already rejected the request of the USA in 2003 and has not allowed to use territory of Turkey for the American intrusion into Iraq. So will solve a present Turkish puzzle rather uneasy.